In an awkward moment, Pat Sajak gave a gift of flowers to Vanna White

Fans of it Wheel of fortune Responding to a longtime host Pat SajekBizarre attempt to give Vanna White At the end of a recent episode, Flowers called his behavior “stupid” and “ridiculous.”

Sajek’s bouquet joke

In a clip of the event posted on Instagram, Sajek turned to White and said, “You know, for so many years, I’ve never brought a beautiful bouquet for you.” White agreed, “No, you didn’t.”

“Hold on,” said the game show host. “We have free flowers on our set. Wait. “He then went to the back of the set and plucked some flowers from the set’s decor, which looked a lot like a forest.

“Just a moment,” he said, fighting the yellow daisy. “Take this. Enjoy,” said Sajek, awkwardly slapping White’s hand, and he replied, “Oh, thank you.” Sajek then does his usual sign-off, asking viewers to tune in next time for another episode.

Fans respond: ‘Only Bhanna Pat can handle it!’

Fans of it Wheel of fortune The interaction in the comments section about Sajak’s instant gift for White seemed ridiculous. Many laughed at the way the game show host forcibly handed her a bouquet of flowers. “I couldn’t stop laughing at the way he slapped them on the arm!” One person wrote. “She was OK then.”

Another commented, “So aggressive haha.” Others have enjoyed the relationship between Sajak and White. “Only Vanna can handle Pat!” Someone joked. Another wrote, “Pat, so stupid and Vanna so kind.”

Others blast Sajak for being ‘a jolt’

While most viewers found the video funny, others called Sajek for his behavior. “He didn’t like the way he aggressively stuffed the flowers in his hand,” one person said. Another wrote, “Pat can sometimes be such a shock.”

Another fan denounced Sajek as cheap: “Funny! Pat, pay for a real bouquet you my friend !!!!! “Although the interaction creates conversation among fans, longtime viewers of the show know that Sajak often has fun with white in this manner.

Sense of Humor on the ‘Wheel of Fate’ host

Earlier this year, White admitted that he made his biscuits from a can, not from scratch. Sajek shook his head and waved his hand in the air, “I can’t take it.” A lot Wheel of fortune Fans love Sajak’s off-beat sense of humor.

When something Wheel of fortune The audience was annoyed at the way Sajek gave his co-host a bouquet of spar-of-the-moment, it was clear that the two longtime friends were having fun with each other and adding some variety to the long-running game show.

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