In the absence of ‘Aaj’, fans are cheering Savana Guthrie’s health update

Fans of it Show today I was upset to hear that Savannah Guthrie Will be missing from some episodes after testing positive for COVID-19. The host of the morning show shared a health update on Instagram and the followers are happy to hear how he is doing.

Guthrie’s health update after Kovid’s diagnosis

Guthrie announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19 just days before Mother’s Day, which meant he had to take a vacation away from his family. Although he has not physically seen his children, Val and Charles, Guthrie has spent their face-timeing days.

“So it happened – again!” Guthrie captioned a photo of her positive COVID test. “Covid +, the air filter in” Turbo “and it would be an isolated Mother’s Day for this mom !!!

The Today The star recently shared an update on her self-esteem, telling fans what she is doing on the holidays from work. “Aao, I’m back from five days of covid isolation,” Guthrie captioned the photo. “So blessed that I didn’t have too much illness, so there was a golden opportunity to do it – nothing!”

“Fuffing around five days: sleep, crazy mask, yoga, sleep, another mask, sound, reading, organizing, sleep, cord, binge clock, pizza reheating, scalp treatment (real annoying), facetime, sunset and counting Moment of reunion with my sweet kids !!! ” Morning show host continues.

Fan response to Guthrie’s post

Her post was full of pictures of her face masks, bathing, eating pizza and screenshots of her kids facetime. Fans were happy to hear that Guthrie was enjoying his holiday and feeling good.

“So glad you took the time to rest and recover, Savannah!” One person wrote. Another commented, “Savannah! There is so much to love about you and this post! Feels good you feel good !! “

Others wanted to know more about the beauty products that Guthrie showed in her Instagram post. “How do you feel about the leadership mask? Is it worth it?” Someone asked. Another wrote, “I need scalp oil !!! Tell me, please? “

Fans of it Show today Guthrie is happy to hear that he is feeling well and using his time away from the show, but many can’t wait to get back on their TV screen!

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