Industry rumors say Hopi Goldberg, Joy Bihar terrified of apparent loss

Do Hoopi Goldberg And Joy Bihar Do they have targets on their backs? Claimed a tabloid See Co-hosts are at risk of being pushed out. This is the latest See Gossip.

Hopi Goldberg and Joy Bihar ‘Losing Joy’?

This week, National Investigator Huppy Goldberg and Joy Behar are terrified of a terrible conservative replacement for Megan McCain. And sources say Alyssa Farah Griffin, a former White House communications director, is leading a pack of potential candidates. “The authorities want Alyssa. They’re fascinated with his guest-hosting gigs, and it’s either him or someone like him, “said an inside meal.

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“Feelings like Hoopy and Joy — and other co-hosts — it was very easy. They’re not fighting hard enough and agree very much. “But Tipster suggests what Griffin needs to get things moving on the show.” Alyssa is smart, she’s tough and she can handle the pressure.

But the source shouts that Griffin is “giving Willie to Hopi and Joy!” And although Goldberg and Behar reportedly did not go behind the scenes, insiders insisted they were desperate for stability. “Producers want more drama. It’s a gold rating, and with a new co-host, Rattle Cages, which means Hopi and Joy are under more pressure. “

Is Alyssa Farah Griffin receiving The View?

This report is a strange one that is half-right and half-wrong. First, it is entirely possible that Alyssa Farah Griffin is going to replace Meghan McCain Scene. According to Vanity FairGriffin and former Trump activist Stephanie Grisham are both top runners up for the open space. Scene. In his lengthy interview with the outlet, Griffin made it clear that he was interested in the position.

And it’s no secret that Griffin is playing the role of “Odd Man Out.” See Panel McCain played that role year after year, sparking endless cat fights with her co-hosts. So, are Goldberg and Behar looking forward to filling that vacant Conservative panelist seat? Probably not. But as the most senior host, we’re sure there’s nothing scary about them.

Tabloid in ‘The View’

But what really comes down to this is credibility, something like that National Investigator Acutely deficient. For example, past reporting on Hopi Goldberg’s outlets certainly leaves out something desirable. Back in November, the magazine published a scandalous story about how Goldberg “piled up in pounds”. The tabloid then reported that Goldberg planned to leave Scene. And recently, the publication complained to Goldberg See The co-hosts wanted to fire him. Apparently, the Investigator Women have no authority anywhere Scene Concerned.

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