Inside the Intens but Times Elizabeth Taylor’s Genius Beauty Routine

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Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor DBE, or Liz Taylor, We knew her, a classic beauty icon in Hollywood. She was an award-winning actress, AIDS activist, art collector, animal lover and jewelry enthusiast.

Taylor had her own brand of perfume before it really became a thing, paving the way for other entrepreneurial celebrities to start their own perfume and beauty line. He was smart in his business dealings and acting roles. I mean, she was even the first actress to discuss a হার 1 million salary when she played the character Cleopatra in the 1963 film of the same name.

Taylor was a natural beauty and although she didn’t need a ton of help in that department, she had a rather special beauty routine. Here are some of his more interesting habits.

1. She will spend up to half an hour licking her lips

There is nothing to deny Elizabeth Taylor’s love for makeup. In fact, according to his personal assistant Tim Mendelssohn, Taylor only spent an hour and a half in his eyes and half an hour on his lips just to have fun.

Black and white photo of actress Elizabeth Taylor touching lipstick while in London in November 1948.
Elizabeth Taylor touched her lipstick in 1948 while in London. (Photo by Chris Ware and George Koenig / Keystone Feature / Getty Images)

In fact, Taylor tended to do her own makeup and skin care for most occasions, from red carpet events to photo shoots. As Mendelson mentioned The Hollywood ReporterThe process has been a soothing one for Taylor, especially in the context of big awards like the Oscars.

2. She took a hot bath to ‘set’ her makeup

Although steam facials have become much more popular in recent times, Taylor was really ahead of her time in her post-makeup baths. The hot water vapor helped to mix its base and powder, creating a beautiful dew.

Taylor was also known to be a fan of the Foundation, which allowed him to show off his freckles and never used contours or highlighters. The actress chose a more natural look for her face while playing her favorite features.

3. Because of his unique eyes he did not need to wear false lashes

Even without makeup, Taylor’s impressive purple eyes played out with a genetic abnormality called dystichiasis. This rare genetic disorder can cause one more lash to grow in addition to the first. How can one be so lucky? We are uncertain.

Looking directly at Elizabeth Taylor's close-up camera in the mid-1960s, she shows off her captivating eyes.
Elizabeth Taylor was born with second-line lashes. (Photo by Getty Images)

As a result, Taylor needed only a little mascara to emphasize her natural resources.

4. Those iconic browses were achieved without makeup

Elizabeth Taylor’s eyebrows have always been a huge part of her appearance. So much so that many people began to speculate that he had completed a procedure to fill them permanently. Yet it turns out that this could be an interesting choice for her eyebrow filler which has given them a greater dignity than life.

According to her longtime makeup artist Francesca Tolt, “she used an eyebrow pencil that was actually a drawing pencil, not makeup. It was a special charcoal pencil from Germany.”

5. There was no conditioner in her hair

When it comes to hair, Elizabeth Taylor must have fallen into the “big good” camp. For example, Mendelson reports that Taylor’s hair stylist Jose Eber will be instructed to wash her hair but will not condition her hair to maximize volume.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor rocking the audience during Messi
Elizabeth Taylor made her signature giant ‘do’ at a fashion show in 2000. (AFP via Vince Buchi / Getty Images)

To achieve his signature blowout bobs or extensive updates, Taylor relied on a hair roller and a subtle process of blow-drying each section one at a time.

Although the process was tedious, the results speak for themselves, just like Dame Elizabeth’s unique beauty practices.

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