Is Jerry Lee Lewis’ controversial wife and cousin Myra Gayle Brown still alive?

Jerry Lee Lewis Could have been a supernatural pop superstar, but lost his way due to an incestuous marriage. In 1957, Lewis infamously married his 13-year-old first cousin, once removed, Myra Gayle Brown. The response was quick and deserved. What happened to Brown? Let’s take a trip through history and find out.

An incredibly shocking wedding

By the time she married Louise Brown, she had already been married twice. First at the age of 16, then again 20 months later to Jane Micham. Lewis and Micham were married before her divorce was finalized, but they were together for four months of unrest anyway. Together they had two children: Ronnie Guy Lewis and Jerry Lee Lewis Jr., who died in a car accident at the age of 19.

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The public knew nothing about Lewis’s personal drama until 1958. His career was improving, and he was side by side with Elvis Presley. That’s when he and Brown, his teenage cousin, got married. The next tour was a disaster and was canceled. It took Lewis years to get his career back on track.

Who was Myra Gayle Brown?

More complicated is the fact that Lewis has not yet divorced Micham, so a second marriage was officially held in 1958. His rock and roll career was over, so Lewis turned his attention to country music.

As one might guess, the marriage between the 23-year-old rock star and her 13-year-old cousin didn’t go right. When the couple divorced in 1970, Brown said he had been “subjected to all sorts of unimaginable physical and emotional abuse.”

Lewis confessed to cheating on her and her drug addiction also took a toll. Brown and Lewis had two children together: Steve Allen Lewis and Phoebe Allen Lewis. Steve sadly drowns at the age of 3 and Phoebe becomes his father’s manager.

What about her?

Although Lewis would soon be arrested in Graceland, Brown quickly remarried. As soon as her divorce was finalized, she married Pete Malito, the private detective she hired to throw dirt on Lewis. They also did not survive, they separated after a year and a half. Brown moved to Georgia to raise Phoebe.

Fortunately, Brown’s story has reached a happy ending. He has been working in real estate since 1980, winning the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003. Brown married Richard Williams for the third time in 1984 and they are still together today. He wrote with autobiography Great ball of fire, Which later turned into a movie starring Winona Ryder and Dennis Kayed. Considering how hellish his adolescence was, it’s nice to see Brown find peace.

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