Is Queen Elizabeth planning to retire after 70 years on the throne?

Queen Elizabeth He has served the United Kingdom longer than any other ruler. And as His Majesty celebrates his platinum jubilee on his historic 70th anniversary on the throne, we are reminded of all the rumors that he claims to have planned to resign. So, now, after serving his country for seven decades, is he planning to resign? Let’s take a look at some of these rumors to get better pictures.

Plan to retire at age 95?

Towards the end of 2019, we were confronted with various rumors claiming that Queen Elizabeth was preparing to step down from her public office. Following the news of Prince Andrew’s involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, the royal family quickly began to speculate that the scandal was too much for the Queen. And then People The report said that His Excellency was leaning towards his son, Prince Charles, to help him navigate the troubled waters, and British papers widely speculated that he might plan to step down from his royal duties and name Charles as regent. Of course, we now know that it was not on the card. But for the last time we will not hear such stories.

Is Queen Elizabeth naming Prince William as the next King?

And in 2020, In contact The shocking headline reads, “Queen reigns after 68 years! Will and Kate are crowned king and queen! ” According to the article, the Queen’s fear of being infected with Covid-19 meant she was further shrunk from public view. But, surprisingly, sources say that the emperor was appointing his grandson Prince William as his immediate successor, much to the dismay of Charles. At the time, we pointed out how ridiculous this story was. The Queen does not choose her successor, and so it would be impossible for her to avoid Charles. And yet, the tabloids continued.

Is Queen Elizabeth resigning after the death of Prince Philip?

The next was up Women’s Day, Queen Elizabeth’s grief over the loss of her husband, Prince Philip, has prompted her to step down from her official duties. According to reports, Queen Charles was preparing to be named Prince Regent, allowing him to rule without becoming king. “He was never interested in it, but without Prince Philip, his outlook on life changed,” an insider admitted. “There will be discussions around the appointment of Charles as his regent.”

Although we admit that this story was possible, it was too far for us to believe. Queen Elizabeth has always maintained that she will rule until her death, whenever that may happen. And since the King is now celebrating his 70th year on the throne, it is clear that the Queen is dedicated to her role, mourning or not.

Queen Elizabeth is resigning for health reasons?

Of course, late last year the idea was thrown into a whole new light as the public learned about the Queen’s health fight. The king was briefly admitted to the hospital and soon after he began to move away from the busyness of the public. And, accordingly New ideas, It is a sign that the Queen is finally getting ready to resign from the throne. One tipstar remarked, “Everyone is very aware that the Queen wants to serve for the rest of her life,” but she cannot argue with the fact that she can no longer perform the same duties as before.

But if we know one thing about the queen, it is that she is never disappointed. It is clear that even if he has trouble walking, he can serve his country so he is going to pay his price. Although there has been little public engagement for His Majesty, he is still working, and it is clear that he has no desire to stop. In fact, Queen Elizabeth best said this in her 21st birthday speech: “I declare to all of you that my whole life, be it long or short, will be devoted to your service and to the service of our great royal family with which we are all involved.”

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