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Is Hoda Kotab On his way out Today Show? There are rumors, his conflict with her Savannah Guthrie Kotab is ready to throw away the towel. Here’s what a tabloid is saying.

Savannah Guthrie ‘clash’ with Hoda Kotbe?

A couple of months ago, d National Investigator Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotab are reportedly not having sex behind the scenes. Guthrie started low in the over Today, But now he’s the top dog in the program. But sources have revealed that his ambitions have made him some enemy. “Behind the scenes, he’s seen as a real pit bull,” admits one tipster. “He’s like hell with other hosts like Hoda Cotb.” Apparently, Guthrie had a reputation for being “self-centered.”

But when we dig into this story, we struggle to see where it comes from, let alone old and objectionable stereotypes. According to our research, Kotab and Guthrie have been friends for many years – long before Guthrie climbed to the top. The anchors seemed to have nice things to say about each other, so the story of this outlet became completely flat for us.

Guthrie is running Hoda Kotab from ‘Today’?

Still, it seems like something is definitely going on, because Investigator Come back directly on this train. This time, Kotab was completely annoyed with Guthrie’s “controlling” behavior. The outlet mentioned that Kotab recently left his SiriusXM show, so it was possible that he would leave. Today Next – and Guthrie was blamed. “Hoda tried very hard to befriend Savannah,” one insider admitted. “But Savannah would rather hang out with Jenna Bush.”

Again, we are absolutely amazed to see this report. As we take a closer look at Guthrie and Cotb’s work relationship, we can only find sunshine and roses. As far as possible Today Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Guthrie aint for me either. So, what was the deal of this tabloid? The only thing that made any sense was that Guthrie and Kotab were women. Rumors of this fierce rivalry only fly to this level when they are almost two women in power. But despite the old outlook of the outlet, Guthrie and Cotb seemed to be great friends.

Is Hoda Kotab planning to leave her ‘Aaj’?

And it looked like Investigator This unfounded Kotab-Guthri conflict could not sell forever. In its latest story, Kotab was thinking of leaving, but this time for his own reasons. Since he is still recovering from his recently-broken engagement, the magazine thought he was taking stock of his personal life and realized he was spending too much time. “Getting up at 3:30 every morning and going to bed at 9 at night doesn’t work for him anymore,” the source said.

This narrative is a little hard to refute, although we have approached it with a healthy dose of skepticism. This story may really apply to anyone in Cotab’s location. When you have enough money to not work, you can reasonably leave your job at any time without the slightest reaction. Cotab must have seen a lot of his colleagues do it, so who’s to say he won’t be next?

But we need to remind our readers that Kotab did not give any indication that he was thinking of leaving, and we were certainly not prepared to take that. Investigator The word for it is, as a whole, anything is possible, but we’re going to have to wait for Cottbach to reveal his career plans before buying too much into these speculative rumors.

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