Jacob Rolf has revealed the small reality show Salary, saying TV is sucking your soul

Jacob Rolf has once again set the world of reality television on fire.

Jacob, the youngest son of Matt and Amy Rolfe, left Little People, Big World in 2016, at the time, saying that he could no longer play a role in something like this TLC series, fakes and scripts.

He then said that his family members rarely behaved like themselves in front of the camera.

Jacob Rolf and Dad

A few years later, Jacob complained that he had been molested by a producer during the shooting – perhaps in a different light to the reason he chose to leave.

Jacob, who welcomed his first child with wife Isabelle in late 2021, has been mostly out of the spotlight since choosing this career … although he will pop up and now and then on social media.

Often, he does this to call his family members.

Or, in his latest case on Twitter, to call out the industry where his family has been making a living for more than a decade now.

At Rolf Farm

On Tuesday night, for example, Jacob wrote to social media followers about something personal and unknown to this point: the little man, the salary he made as a member of the Big World cast.

“People don’t realize that I was paid roughly $ 6 / hour to shoot my whole childhood,” Jacob tweeted, adding to the misconceptions that follow around him.

“I’m still called rich, ridiculously haha.”

The 25-year-old noticed he could almost get stuck and earn more as he grew up in the program, but …

Matt and Jacob Rolf

“If I go to the burnt ground, I value the family,” he wrote.

“If I keep filming, I value my principles and my soul. Life is complicated.”

This is not the first time that Rolf has mentioned that reality TV has a very bad effect.

“Did I get drunk without selling my soul for TV and advertising money?” Asked Jacob about a month ago. “Hopefully not haha, but the rent is too high and I work too much. Life is for Vibe.”

Jacob Rolf looks at Mateo

Jacob seems to be struggling financially … and realizes he has to make money on television … but he can’t believe he’s too low.

And it can be hard to blame the person, based on what he has done.

In December 2020, Rolfe shocked observers when he accused the said producer of indecent exposure.

“It’s often easier to think about things than to talk about them, and so this revelation has been delayed, but through that delay I have found perseverance and words,” he wrote.

Pictures of Jacob and Isabel Rolf

He then proceeded to name the accused as follows:

“As a kid, I used to realize that it was a long process of decorating. I was molested by an executive field producer at Little People, Big World, Chris Cardamon.”

“I do not expect the details of this encounter to be made public at any time. I hope he will never be allowed to go near the children again.

“I choose to publish it now because it remains a traumatic memory that will require more force to be applied to my development.”

Jacob Rolf and a dog

At the time of this confession, Jacob plunged into the whole reality TV universe, writing:

“I continue my own thinking on the visualism involved in the whole reality television venture – a huge spectacle of drama and pain and argument and attack, with little pleasure, that viewers see completely isolated from complex human beings in simplicity.” The character “they see on TV. .

“Yet, there is no underlying causal connection between reality television production and childhood trauma.”

Isabel Rolf and husband Jacob Rolf

Jacob continued on the same critical line.

“We are still moving forward with the enterprise deaf, dumb and blind, apologizing later instead of asking ourselves tough initial questions,” he wrote.

“The profit was really sweet.

“The actual experience was more complicated.”

With Jacob Jackson

In concluding at the time, Rolf pointed the finger directly at his immorality:

“Finally, it should be emphasized that all the blame lies with the hunter and no one in my family is to blame

“I’m sure this is a positive moment for me and another step towards a brighter future.”

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