Jada Pinkett Smith Shady Outlet, accused of being tough by formula

There is Jada Pinkett Smith Became “extremely demanding” where she and her husband Will Smith Can’t keep staff? Sources have spoken to a major American tabloid and claimed that the actress was “impossible to please” and that her talk show ambitions have alienated people around her, including her scandal-ridden husband. We look at the rumors and explain why these reports are now popping up after Will’s infamous Oscar slap.

Jada Pinkett Smith is very ‘tough?’

A report out All right! MagazineQuoted from Coverage Our weeklyJada Pinkett Smith has become “increasingly difficult to deal with” behind the scenes, claiming that she and her husband, Will Smith, have trouble keeping staff. A suspicious source, who did not want to be named, said Our weekly“Will and Jada have previously kept housekeepers for many years without complaint,” he added, “but over the past five years, Jada has become extremely demanding, and they cycle through chefs, security guards and trainers.”

Clearly, the staff members are not the only ones who have been bothered by the “demanding” nature of Jada. Will has been known to be “dissatisfied for years,” Tipster insisted, adding that “it is impossible to please Jada.” Despite many people around him being annoyed by his unspeakable “needs” behavior, a second source claims that Jada is so focused on his brand that nothing else matters to him.

Jada’s talk show ambitions Trump all, source claims

“Jada is very ambitious and she is doing her best to make her talk show a success,” explains Anonymous Snitch. “This is his highest priority, and he doesn’t have time to work with Will as his de facto therapist,” the source added.

Outside of the family, the celebrity couple is battling a weak reputation among their peers who can’t “stand up” to them, another insider claims, a reputation that preceded the infamous Oscar slap, which only served to deepen “contempt.” The outlet further noted that Jada was not the only part of the pair with “high demand”. Inside whispered, “On set, Will believes he deserves his back and call assistant, luxury trailer and special meals for him.” He thinks he knows best and is not afraid to comment. “

Let’s break this rumor

There are a few things to address about rumors, so we’ll start big and work at the bottom of the list. First, we can say that this is another rumor of the industry based on very little detail. Jada Pinkett Smith has been described as “demanding” and “impossible to satisfy”, but no specifications have been given. Jadao is also “ambitious” which has somehow been created as a negative quality.

How the will is dealt with in the last half of this part is also strange. The source acts as Will’s on-set diva, but his so-called “demands” are usually offered freely to A-list actors, especially if they make the film as often as Will. Why doesn’t he, a veteran star actor, get a beautiful trailer or the food he wants? Other actors are also hired as assistants in big movie sets, why would they need a will? At this rate, we are somewhat surprised that they did not call Will a “subpit” to ask and receive what his other acting colleagues had already received.

Married female celebrities often receive this treatment

Lack of details On the one hand, this is the marital coverage that we are accustomed to seeing from the tabloids. If there is one thing the tabloid industry prefers, it is to position a successful woman as an unpleasant harpy, especially if she is a married woman. See how tabloid media treats women like Carrie Underwood, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and many more. They have been portrayed as moody, quarrelsome, overworked, and so on. It’s really embarrassing to see such coverage in 2022. We really thought we’d give up this attitude towards working women in the 80’s, but alas, this is clearly not the case.

It doesn’t bother us that it was white. ‘Swami Jada himself has received quite a bit of response, especially online and on social media, for his misbehavior at the Oscars. Oddly enough, even though he was the butt of the joke that stopped Will, and although there is no evidence that he organized the slap, many people somehow blamed him for what happened. Although this outlet is not going so far, it did not hesitate for a second to paint Jada, with so little evidence to support his claim, as a kind of boss from hell.

Tabloids obviously can’t stand successful women

The timeline provided by the source / outlet also gives us an idea of ​​what this hit piece actually was. Red table talk, Jada’s Facebook watch show, has been getting stronger since 2018, which any mathematician can tell you about four years ago. Is it a coincidence that Jada became “increasingly difficult” and “extremely demanding” once a project he managed became a success? If there is one thing All right! And Us Can’t stand it, this is a woman who has an agency who knows her own worth.

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