Jason Batman’s mother breaks silence over ‘coldhearted’ actor’s alleged ‘cruelty’

Jason Batman She is one of the few child actors who has been fortunate enough to sever ties with a role that introduces her to the business. She and her sister Justin Growing up on camera, working Little house on treeless meadow And Family ties Respectively but according to a tabloid, siblings have no love left for their mother. But according to a tabloid, the siblings have no love left for their mother that brought them into the business, Victoria Batman Those got into their business in the first place.

Did Jason and Justin Batman ‘deny’ their mother?

Jason Batman has found his footing in Hollywood in the role of a helpless member of a dysfunctional family Development of arrests. But according to the latest version National Investigator, The true story of the Batman family is not so different. In an exclusive interview, Victoria Batman talks about her relationship with her kids. “I would have died if it had depended on my kids,” Victoria said bluntly. He recalls that in 2019 when he was struggling in the hospital for a failed kidney transplant, Jason and Justin abandoned him.

“My body is starting to shut down. When I was helpless in life support, my children turned to me. My daughter even told the doctors to pull the plug, ”she complained. Apparently, the articles argue, Justin and Jason did not express much gratitude to their parents for their help in starting their careers as children. Contempt is apparently still alive and well today.

“They have not contacted me since 2019. I email and call Justin and Jason but get no answer. Not at Christmas or Thanksgiving. Not even on Mother’s Day! ” Victoria admits. “I’m even more saddened that when they were younger I was able to move on quickly to their careers and livelihoods. I would urge everyone there, ‘Take care of your mother, who always loves you.’ “”

Here is what we know about Batemans

Every story has two sides. While Victoria Batman certainly turns out to be a heartbreaking story, family problems are always more complicated than ever appearing on the surface. For example, Victoria says her children should be grateful that she raised them. But in past interviews, Jason has hinted at not having such a rosy role with the industry. “I don’t think there are a lot of people who would say it was a healthy situation,” he once said of his experience as a child actor.

So, although we cannot personally argue with what Victoria is saying, we prefer not to place too much faith in one-sided accounts. Until Jason responds to his mother’s allegations, which we doubt he will ever have, there is no reason to keep them.

An unfaithful rage

The biggest red flag in this story is that it was published in a magazine. This is one of the rare times National Investigator Some real insights into the personal life of a celebrity were able to cough. But most of the time, Investigator Makes money by spreading lies about celebrities. Just this month, the outlet reported that Mick Jagger was cheating on his girlfriend without any evidence to back her up. The magazine then claims that Faye Dunaway is hitting Jack Nicholson. And more recently, the publication has complained that Danny Divito is trying to get back together with Rhea Parliament. We are usually skeptical about anything Investigator Reportedly, regardless of who is fed this quote.

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