Jason Momoa fans are worried about his health after he was posted from the hospital

Fans of it Jason Momoa The actor is expressing concern after posting a picture of himself doing MRI, friends and social media followers are making noise in his comments section to wish him well.

Pictures of Momoa Post Hospital, concerned fans and friends

“You have to break some eggs to make an omelette,” Momoa captioned a photo of himself lying shirtless on an MRI machine. “Aloha J. Thanks to my Ohana and friends. ” Justice League Co-star Gal Gadot commented, “Oh no!”

Actor Pablo Schreiber writes, “Oh no! Are you alright man? “Concerned fans too.” Hopefully the doctors have found the problem and can help fix it !! Niramoy Vibe is being sent, ”wrote one. Another joked, “But the real question is did it instill some wisdom in you?” Sorry … There my mom is being channeled for a second. Hope all is well !!! “

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post People The actor underwent MRI as “OK” and “Caution” This is not the first health problem Momoa has faced recently.

Her recent health problems

The actor revealed that he underwent surgery to remove a hernia just a day before attending this year’s Oscars and soon after the filming ended. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. “Well, I just finished [filming]”She is OK Extra. “So … I had hernia surgery yesterday. Dead bodies were thrown around. I’m getting old, brother. ”

Some wonder if the MRI scan had anything to do with the stunts he had to perform during the filming. Fast X.The next movie Fast and furious The franchise filming has just been wrapped up and since Momoa is known for running strictly on the set, he is likely to be injured while working.

Momoa’s romantic life

This is not the only major event in Momoa’s life. The actor, who recently broke up with Lisa Bonnet, is currently dating actress Iza Gonzalez. “It’s very casual,” said a source Our weekly. “[They are] Have fun and get to know each other. “

The two have been rumored to be an item since April after they were spotted together at a premiere. “Ever since they met, there’s been an attraction,” the insider continued. “They’re both very attracted to each other and they’re watching to see where things go.” The Aquaman The star did not reveal the reason behind her MRI, but fans and friends are happy to hear that she is OK and hopes that she will stay healthy.

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