Jenna Bush Hager shares her father’s response to her daughter’s name

It can be difficult to name your baby, especially when you are dealing with the opinions of your friends and family. A recent segment time Today Show Jenna Bush Hager Her father has ridiculed her daughter Miller’s name.

Hager shares his father’s reaction to the name of the older child

When the third appeared at home Today, Hager and co-host Hoda Kotb discuss how they chose names for their children — they have five children. While talking about naming babies, Hager shared a story about her reaction to one of the names of her father, former President George W. Bush, and her daughter.

“I named my child Mila,” Hager began to talk about her older child. “It’s named after Margaret Laura, both of our mothers. Henry’s mother Margaret, my mother Laura. I was named after my grandmother. “

She continued, “And so we thought we were going to do it, but then she didn’t look like Margaret. We kind of thought … we were, ‘Mila’. It’s a combination of Margaret and Laura.”

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Hager then shares his father’s reaction to the nickname. “First of all, it took me a while to get his name,” he laughed. “I will keep getting texts from my father like ‘What is the baby’s name?’ What’s the baby’s name? ‘ And I think, ‘Dad, we didn’t make that decision. I just did a C-section. Give me a minute. ‘ He started harassing me. “

“Finally, we said, ‘This is Margaret Laura, and we call her Mila, the two names have come together.’ And he wrote back, “It should be a rosary. If you really combine names, it should be a rosary.”

Hager’s Mao was concerned

Her father was not the only one who worried about Miller’s name. “My mom said people in Texas used to call her ‘Miley,’ and she said, ‘You have to change your spelling to MELA.’ And I want, ‘Mom, the baby is named. It’s too late, and I like it.’

Hager doesn’t seem to have had the same problem with his next two children, Poppy and Hal. Hale is named after Henry, Hagar’s husband. In an Instagram post announcing the birth of their third child, Hager wrote, “She was named Henry Harold, of course Harold, after my grandfather and Henry. ‘And we thought,’ This is perfect. ‘

Hager’s parents may not have been excited about Miller’s name at first, but his audience Today The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however;

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