Jennifer Aniston has released her new Long Bob as her ‘Fresh Summer Cut’

Looks like everyone is getting ready for summer, co Jennifer Aniston. The actress’s hair stylist, Chris Macmillan, recently shared a selfie with the actress, showing Aniston’s new beach waves.

Aniston’s ‘Fresh Summer Cut’

“There’s nothing better for that Jennifer Niston than a fresh summer cut,” he captioned the photo. “Jane is leaning towards her natural texture (going a little longer) using her @lolavie glossing datangler. A good haircut should work so you can wash your hair naturally for the summer.”

Aniston’s hair is a bit short, now a long bob has been cut which has reached to his shoulders. The actress has become a little blender, and is shaking her natural wavy hair in the picture. Macmillan’s comments section was soon filled with fans of Aniston’s updated looks.

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“Cuties,” Courtney Cox, a former co-star and longtime friend of Aniston, commented on the post. Actress Olivia Moon wrote, “Very beautiful.” To deceive Star Cathy Nazimi added, “Cuties – I love you both so much.”

Her new hair care line

In Macmillan’s caption, he mentions Lolavir, the hair care brand Aniston launched last year. He is posting pictures and videos to promote the brand, including a recent funny video with comedian Benito Skinner.

In Skinner Skeet, the salon worker played the role of “Jenny”, pranking two fans who thought they were going to get Macmillan to do their hair. Before Aniston hid and replaced her as their hair stylist, she continued to chat with fans.

The pair then proceeded to work on the fans’ hair using Lolavi’s products; Aniston even shared the story behind her infamous “Rachel” haircut from her hit role in Sitcom Friends. Before telling the story, he joked about the “nightmare” of getting a haircut.

“Chris [McMillan] I came in, I’m 20 minutes old, ”he joked as he combed fans’ hair. “And I went in, and he was basically like, ‘Oops! Sit in the chair.’ And so I sat in the chair. He went, ‘It’s a disaster.’ He cut it all off, and that’s how it happened, and I had no say in it. ”

Aniston’s “Rachel” Bob is now iconic, but the actress is best known today for her simple hair dosage and natural waves. With her new haircut and beach texture, it looks like Aniston is ready for summer!

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