Jennifer Aniston shares the secrets of her wellness routine

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There is no denying that the 53-year-old Friends alum Jennifer Aniston Only ageless. From her blemish-free, glowing skin to her huge flowing lock, she’s killing her self-care routine.

Of course, a strict diet and exercise routine with his favorite skincare products is part of Aniston’s rules. But the A-list beauty has another secret weapon in her arsenal to control her aging. Or

Aniston was not ashamed to share her passion for collagen and its beauty and health benefits. Often referred to as glue that holds everything together, collagen helps maintain strong skin, bones and connective tissue. That sounds pretty essential, doesn’t it?

He is a true believer. The actress was the chief creative officer of Vital Protein, America’s No. 1 collagen brand. In recent days, Aniston has taken to Instagram to share with fans how she incorporates vital protein products into her daily routine.

What makes Jennifer Aniston important?

“What matters to me? Ordinary things are vital these days,” Aniston explained in his Instagram clip. Gratitude is an essential element of well-being for an actress. He began by touching on the realization of the little things in life. “A good cup of coffee, a quiet mood, a morning walk with the dog, friends are vital,” he says.

“When pressure is mounted, breathing is vital,” he assures. “Beyond that is movement, rest and vital protein.”

In the last moments of the clip, he again expresses his gratitude for the most precious moment of his life and health. “Every moment is important because you are vital,” Aniston said.

Throughout the clip, Aniston shows fans how he incorporates important proteins into his wellness routine. Or

In the morning, he drank vital protein collagen peptide with his coffee. In addition, d Morning show The actress enjoys a vital protein smoothie with chocolate collagen peptide for lunch and a vital performance bar with protein and collagen for breakfast.

We believe that wellness is as important as Aniston. Every moment is important, so find ways to incorporate important proteins into your wellness routine.

Our best pick from important proteins

1. Collagen peptides

Essential protein unflavored collagen peptide
(Important protein)

A scoop of collagen peptide can be added to virtually any food. It is very easy to include in your diet. In fact, collagen peptide is one of the first products to reach Aniston when he needs a collagen boost.

“Adding the important protein collagen peptide to my morning coffee or smoothie is so easy to use,” Aniston shared.

In addition to boasting some amazing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, this powerhouse formula also supports healthy hair, nails, skin, bones, ‌‌ and ‌ joints.

2. Collagen creamer

Important protein vanilla collagen creamer
(Important protein)

Jennifer Aniston mentioned before her love of adding collagen to her morning coffee and an easy (and delicious) way to do it is with vital protein collagen creamer. Available in vanilla, coconut and mocha, this milk-free powder creamer is made from organic coconut milk powder, which provides a healthy dose of medium chain triglyceride in addition to 10 grams of collagen per serving.

3. Significant performance protein bar

Important Protein Vanilla Coconut Protein Bar.
(Important protein)

Essential Performance ‌ Protein Bars ‌ Provides Convenient Nutrition to Go! ‘Vital’ protein bars are dairy- and gluten-free. They contain only 2 to 3 grams of sugar per bar. Also, each bar contains an impressive 20 grams of protein and ‍10 grams of collagen peptide.

  • Shop for all the flavors of Vital Performance Protein Bar on Amazon or a new collaboration with Jennifer Aniston soon to be available at Vital Protein.

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