Jennifer Aniston’s hairstylist shares the secrets of her beach waves

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Chris Macmillan, the hairstylist who brought us “The Rachel” haircut, spread the dots Jennifer Aniston The beach waves, and we can’t be more excited!

Although The Morning show The star usually wears her hair straight, she has naturally wavy hair. And it’s fantastic. Honestly, it’s gorgeous but she decides to style it, but, her natural waves are stunning.

Macmillan says in the post that the style was just “touch up”. So, this means that Aniston’s natural wave pattern is flawless, and are we surprised? Not even a little.

We are embracing our natural hair and hopefully this is a “trend” that will continue. So, if you want to get low maintenance beach waves this summer, this way according to GOAT of celebrity hairstylists.

How to get red carpet worthy waves

In contrast to how much can be done on curly hair / beach waves, Macmillan said that Aniston’s hair had dried in the air. Before No product applied. Insert head blast emoji here. I mean, we Should Probably take the word professional. And, I know in the world of TikTok videos and YouTube tutorials, it can be hard to navigate. However, Macmillan broke the steps in his post.

After Aniston’s hair was blow-dried, Macmillan used a Dyson hair dryer “to dry roots for instruction” and a GHD curling wand to touch random pieces. He “layers” the products after drying / styling the hair.

The products that Macmillan used in Aniston’s hair were all fridge-fighting, not surprisingly, since fridge is the arc-nemesis of beach waves. First, he applied drunken elephant detangling spray to Aniston’s locks. This leave-in mist protects the hair from damage, giving the hair a more controllable and healthy look.

Subsequently, Herklinikken Hair Hydrating Cream was added to seal moisture and reduce any breakage. This hydrating cream improves the elasticity and shine of the hair.

The next product used was Shu Wimura Ishii Scalp Texturing and Scalping Hair Paste, a pommel that gives a shiny finish. The pommel adds texture and volume, giving Aniston a Peace-Y look.

Finally, Kerastes Discipline Olio-Relax Anti-Freeze Oil Serum was added to smooth out the last holdouts in the fridge. Made with Shoria butter, Virgin coconut oil and Rosa mascata fruit oil, it adds another layer of protection and hydration to Aniston’s hair.

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