Jennifer Garner is accused of ‘confronting’ Jennifer Lopez

Is Jennifer Garner War Jennifer Lopez To control his own children? A report says Fool Caught in the middle of an uncomfortable family quarrel. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Ben’s 2 Tan Jens Huddling Over Kids!’

Per National Investigator, Garner is setting up a face-to-face confrontation with Lopez to discuss their family reunion. “Jane Garner called a meeting so that she and Jello could get to know each other better and put away any distrust they had of each other,” a source said. Garner’s three children and Lopez’s twin children must succeed with Lopez and Affleck.

Lopez and Garner’s parenting style is very different, the report said. Lopez’s children are “accustomed to a jet-set lifestyle … while Jane, despite her successful film career, is more like a traditional mother at home,” says a source. Garner, on the other hand, presumably wants to make sure his kids stay on the ground. He further added that Lopez reveals another “tasteless” formula, but the main focus is on children.

What’s going on with Lopez and Garner?

The Investigator Desperately trying to do something from scratch. Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez have already begun to reunite their families without too much incident. They went to the prank or treatment together last year, so be aware of what needs to be done in the interests of both children. The two families were seen together once again earlier this month.

Since the two families are already merging, there is no need for conflict. This outlet is just trying to nurture drama when reality cannot be more than true. Garner didn’t utter a single word about Affleck or Lopez since they started dating, so the line about the two gentle “tasteless” is worthless.

Gossip Cop It also seeks to point out how these so-called sources cannot be accessed by Lopez or Garner. Rumors about their respective guardianship styles reduce the two to stereotypes.

Many Ben Affleck myths

Last month, the tabloid claimed that Garner feared for Affleck’s money because he was spending too much on Lopez. Everyone is a millionaire in this situation, so there is nothing to worry about. Garner has better things to do with his time than tracking his former expenses.

Before Lopez and Affleck reunited, this tabloid claimed that a Garner reunion was on the horizon. Obviously that didn’t happen. Then there are stories about how Lopez rebelled against Affleck for lack of exercise. If she doesn’t think she’s beautiful then they won’t marry. The Investigator Nothing if not pathologically wrong with the story about Affleck.

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