Jennifer Garner, Katie Holmes captivated the pants trend this summer

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I live in Midsouth, but in the summer you can never tell. From June to September, my own city feels like an Ecuadorian village or perhaps an inner circle of hell. Simply put, summer is hot — unbearably.

In the heat of the sticky, waterlogged Mississippi Delta, clothing has become the number one enemy of the public. Although it’s okay if you can lounge by the pool all day, I don’t have that luxury. And so far, so good Still Socially my scuba diving is unacceptable.

In fact, it is almost impossible to find anything comfortable to wear when you sweat for a few seconds after going out. However, I took some inspiration from the latest celebrity fashion trends to find a comfortable and stylish solution to my anxiety.

Keep casual with linen

The name of the game of cool clothes? Linen. Linen is a natural fiber, like cotton, with a feather light and airy breathability. But Panama Jack is not the only one who can enjoy the main thing this summer, folks!

Jennifer Garner and Katie Holmes have recently been spotted in a pair of bed linen trousers and they are a secret that some of us may not know.

Unlike cotton, linen fibers are hollow, which makes them lighter. Often combined with loose knitting used in linen fabrics, it makes linen a much cooler option for hot summer days.

Only hollow fibers do not make linen so light. Often, linen garments are designed to be loose and flowing. This allows adequate airflow as you move around all day (read: a less sweaty tash).

But don’t let the paper-thin look of linen fool you. The lightweight fabric is 30% stronger than cotton, making it a more durable (read: affordable) fabric. Linen garments may look delicate and thin, but they are actually very hard garments.

Shop The Look

Whatever the situation, channel your internal vacation yourself. When you feel like sweat pants, you will effortlessly look chic and stay together in linen pants. From wide legs to patterned designs, linen pants have a style and silhouette for every taste and occasion.

In the middle, the smoky waist keeps you comfortable all day in these airy bottoms. Pair with a sleek sweater and shade like Garner or lean on the summer vibe with a flowing tank.

And life doesn’t stop just because the weather is hot, so a pair of dressy linen slacks is a must. Everlane’s Way-High Drape Pant has polished plates and belt loops that can be easily seen from the brunch to the boardroom.

Design India linen pants have a smooth, straight leg silhouette. Narrow legs streamline this look while still keeping you cool like a cucumber. Stick with the classic black, or try a lighter summer color like white, olive, or taupe.

If you’re looking for the ultimate lounge pants, these high-waisted palazzos must fit the bill. And since they come in a full 31 color and style options, you’ll never get tired of them.

Don’t suffer through another sad, sweaty summer again. You can wear linen up or down as much as you want, making you feel chic, airy and cool even on the hottest days of summer.

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