Jennifer Garner reveals the secret behind her red carpet-worthy hair

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Jennifer Garner There are serious gorgeous chestnut locks. But the 50-year-old star insisted that her shiny, healthy-looking traces were not merely accidental. He blames Virtue Lab’s high quality products and powerful formulas for helping to rebuild and repair damaged hair.

In a recent Instagram video, Garner breaks down the many causes of hair loss. “91 percent of women damage their hair every day,” Garner explained. He notes that this may be due to the environment and the use of heating equipment.

However, Garner admits that his lost money is mostly due to his favorite Go-To ‘Dos: A Ponytail.

To help counteract the damage, Garner has found a powerful product line that is backed by science to deliver amazing results. “Alpha Keratin 60ku. It’s in every virtual product you can get,” he explained in the video. “It’s not synthetic; It comes from human hair. “

Garner added, “It is agnostic for any type of hair. It simply looks for damage, restores your hair from scratch, to the end. So that same strand of hair is fun now, it’s flexible, stretched, more full, it lets your hair live its best. “

Alpha keratin 60ku is a vegetarian, full-form keratin protein that is almost identical to the keratin in our hair. Virtu Labs is the first beauty brand to use pure, human keratin and this hero ingredient in every product they offer.

Here is our best pick for the best Jennifer Garner-approved hair products from Virtue for your hair care routine.

1. Recovery shampoo and conditioner set

Virtual Labs
(Virtual Labs)

The combination of Virtu Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner makes it easy for your hair to get acquainted with human keratin protein. Luxury shampoos and conditioners restore and restore the shine of your locks with each use.

These products penetrate deep into the hair follicles, fill the cuticle cracks and heal damage from heat, chemical and dye treatments. The creamy, coconut-scented shampoo set is ideal for all hair types, including color-treated hair.

2. 6-in-1 styler

Virtual Labs 6-in-1 Styler
(Virtual Labs)

This revolutionary product is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Unlike most styling creams that reduce the weight of sticky, greasy hair, Virtu Lab’s 6-in-1 styler keeps hair soft and manageable.

With 6-in-1 Styler Cream, you can set and seal your hairstyle regardless of hair type or color. VIRTUE’s style cream adds softness, shine and hydration to stressed, damaged traces.

Waiting in the wash can strengthen the hair and encourage regrowth, but it is difficult to suffer from frizzy, hairy hair in 3 or 4 days without washing. Thanks to this versatile product, you don’t have to.

3. Un-freeze cream

Un-freeze cream from Virtue Labs
(Virtual Labs)

Speaking of frizzy hair, if you are constantly battling flyovers and midday hair puffs, then you need Virtual Un-Freeze Cream. This leave-in conditioner instantly smoothes, gives conditioning and removes uncontrolled refrigeration.

It naturally retains moisture (it must be where I am), and it keeps hair smooth and shiny all day long. Unlike other anti-freeze creams, VIRTUE’s On-Freeze does not contain any chemical treatments or heavy waxes.

This powerful product contains a fresh botanical scent of sweet pear, soothing lavender and invigorating mint. So, your hair can get such beautiful smell to look at.

4. Restorative treatment mask

Virtual Labs Restorative Hair Mask
(Virtual Labs)

Virtus Restorative Treatment Mask Amaranthas boasts a super-nourishing formula with Codatus Seed Extract, which improves the combustibility and management of damaged hair. It also contains baobab seed oil, which provides UV and environmental protection.

And, of course, Virtue Labs infuses this hydrating hair treatment with its Go-to Ingredient: Alpha Keratin 60 KU. This formula gives your hair instant and intense hydration, softness, shine and strength.

Despite its heavy-hit formula, this restorative treatment mask is incredibly light. After shampooing apply a lot to your hair, wait three minutes and rinse well.

You can transform your dry, straw-like hair into soft, supple locks once a week using this repair treatment.

So if you’re ready for red carpet-worthy hair this summer, the science behind the powerful line of Virtual Lab’s hair care products is behind you. Just ask Jennifer Garner.

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