Jennifer Lopez is reportedly furious with 23-year-old Mark Anthony’s engagement

Is Jennifer Lopez Run Mark Anthony On the altar? A tabloid claims Lopez is upset about her ex-husband’s time. Let’s take a closer look at Lopez and Anthony’s co-parent relationship.

Jennifer Lopez ‘upset’ with Mark Anthony?

Latest version New ideas According to reports, Jennifer Lopez is angry with her ex-husband Mark Anthony after learning about his engagement to former Miss Universe contestant Nadia Ferreira. Clearly, there are many levels of Lopez’s frustration with Anthony over time. Lopez and her fianc Ben Affleck are still engrossed in their post-engagement affair, and sources say Lopez hates sharing the spotlight. “It casts a shadow over things … but it’s not just about stealing Jane’s lightning,” admits one insider. “She is OK. Mark and Nadia had been together for only six months.

Sources said Lopez was upset because Anthony did not bother to raise his head. Notably, Lopez and Anthony are co-parents of their “12-year-old twins Max and Amy,” so Snitch insists that Lopez hates being blinded in this way. “Jane isn’t happy with Mark right now সে she doesn’t understand her inspiration or her time. If she thinks she’s in some weird competition with Jane and Ben, she’s dead wrong,” Tipster concludes.

J. Getting ‘Wedding Blues’ After Low Engagement?

Here’s the thing: We can’t pretend to have a direct window into Lopez and Anthony’s co-parent relationship. We must admit that Anthony’s busy schedule certainly attracts attention. With news of Lopez’s engagement just months away, comparisons are bound to be inevitable. But we can’t say what inspired Anthony, and we can’t say how Lopez handled the news. More importantly, this disrespectful tabloid cannot do both.

Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony still have two young children. Even if things were exciting between the ex-couple, for their children, no one in their life would gossip about them in any newspaper. To double that this tabloid is not talking to anyone close to Lopez and Anthony, it also misrepresents the age of their children. Twins are not 14, 12.

Besides, Lopez and Anthony still seem to have a friendly co-parent relationship. The two were seen having lunch together at this time last year, and despite being divorced a few years ago, they seem to have kind words to say about each other. While this kind of story is far from amazing, it is far from being supported by any kind of evidence.

Tabloids on Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Of course, New ideas Its stories about Jennifer Lopez and her fiancেন Ben Affleck consistently miss the mark. In a sadly known story, the outlet reported that Affleck was furious with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner for his engagement. Spoiler alert – he wasn’t even hired. The magazine then claims that Garner was upset with Lopez and Affleck’s new accommodation. And more recently, the publication complained that Affleck and Lopez were fighting after they were seen on a “tension” trip together. Obviously, New ideas Lopez and Affleck are concerned wherever they are not reliable.

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