Jennifer Lopez is reportedly outraged by Michael Bubble’s insulting remarks

Is Jennifer Lopez Conflict with Michael Buble? A tabloid claims that there has been bad blood among artists throughout the ages. Here’s what we know.

Jennifer Lopez ‘Pied’ by Michael Bubble Swipe?

This week, Women’s Day In the report we will probably not see Jennifer Lopez-Michael Bubble anytime soon. In a recent interview, Bubble revealed that he was not impressed with Lopez’s latest movie, Marry me. The singer harshly commented that the movie “wants to punch him in the face!” And sources say the word bug in the bubble has returned to Lopez.

“Jennifer was completely upset when she heard his rude remarks about the movie, but she wasn’t surprised,” reveals one tipstar. Apparently, the two artists have been secretly arguing for ages. “They’ve been in the same circle for years and she’s never supported her work,” the insider said, adding that the artists are highly competitive and always keep an eye on other people’s record sales.

Are Jennifer Lopez and Michael Bubble in conflict?

This report is certainly one of the most bizarre we’ve ever encountered. First, no one paid much attention to Bubble’s film critique in his recent interview. In the full context of this, it seems that Bubble was just commenting that romantic comedies are not his thing and that he likes to watch NFL. The real story of most outlets is the part where Bubble says he is afraid of his wife and he forces her to watch these movies which is obviously not to his taste. So, we seriously suspect that Lopez even heard of Bubble’s comments.

Moreover, we are not just buying the idea that Lopez and Bubble had some under-the-radar conflicts all these years. We’re not even sure if they’ve ever met, from which we can tell they’ve never been photographed together. And the outlet’s comments about seeing Lopez and Bubble sell each other’s records seem particularly silly because Lopez hasn’t released a full-length album since 2014. Overall, it looks like the outlet spotted Bubble’s small jab near another celebrity and decided to blow it up. In a complete conflict

Magazine on Jennifer Lopez

Of course, this is not the first time we will be caught Women’s Day Spreading misinformation about Jennifer Lopez. Long ago, the outlet claimed that Lopez was buying Alex Rodriguez from all their businesses so that he could move away from her. The outlet then accused Lopez of getting too close to his male co-stars. And more recently, the publication reported that Lopez despised George Clooney. Obviously, Women’s Day Lopez does not have the inner scoop of social life that it claims.

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