Jennifer Lopez was allegedly assaulted by Ben Affleck, presumably caught

Is Jennifer Lopez And Fool Fight about their upcoming wedding? Rumor has it that tensions are rising between the newlyweds. Here are the latest from the tabloids.

Ben Affleck’s ‘unacceptable’ marriage behavior

Earlier this month, They Jennifer Lopez reportedly whipped Ben Affleck into shape as part of their pre-wedding preparations. According to reports, Affleck began practicing as soon as his relationship with Lopez settled down. “When they first started dating, Ben went to the gym with J. Loe at 5 in the morning,” said an insider, revealing that Affleck had returned to his old habit of eating burgers and donuts. “J.Lo told him it was unacceptable. He hopes he can relax and wants to work every day and eat right, no excuses. “

But the story completely ignores the fact that Affleck had absolutely no problem coming into film form in the past – we were sure that Lopez was not needed to teach him how to work. Furthermore, we recognize this story from its past repetition. The tabloids have carried this narrative with almost everyone on Affleck. And while we know Lopez is a fitness fanatic, we weren’t close to buying this outrageous story.

Jennifer Lopez ‘insulted’ by Affleck scandal

Then In contact Revealed that Lopez and Affleck are fighting later Sell ​​the sunset Star Emma Hernan has revealed that she had a brief interaction with Affleck on a dating app. “Of course, J.P. Emma all happened later in 2019 before reuniting with Lowe, but it’s still a drama she doesn’t want to deal with… especially after all the rumors of cheating with Alex Rodriguez, “recalls one tipster.

We acknowledge that the whole misunderstanding was probably not a pleasant experience for Affleck or Lopez, but it was: a misunderstanding. No one complained of distrust. While fans must have been horrified to see the words “Ben Affleck” and “Dating App” pop up in the headlines, we don’t just see Lopez expressing resentment against Affleck when it was clearly not his fault.

Lopez, Affleck caught in ‘tension’ outing?

Then New ideas There was a similar melody to the song. According to the report, Lopez and Affleck were having a hard time at a recent luncheon. And sources insisted it was because Lopez’s confidence was shattered after the Affleck dating app’s drama. “It was badly triggered by Jane,” said a snitch whisper. Apparently, Lopez was ready to shut down the whole thing at the first warning of deception. “Jane has gone through this with a lot of access … she has zero tolerance for cheaters.”

But once we see other pictures of this so-called “tomorrow” outing, we know that the magazine is not reporting in good faith. In the full lineup of paparazzi photos, Lopez and Affleck looked confused when they had a camera in their face. But in a clearer shot from a distance, the couple is seen smiling. Apparently, this publication is trying to sell the story of his narrow mind with this single misleading picture.

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