Jerry Seinfeld’s wife reportedly angry with his ‘out-of-control’ habit,

Is Jerry Seinfeld And Jessica Seinfeld At the end of their intelligence? A report says Seinfeld The star has some bad habits that annoy his wife. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Seinfeld’s hoarding crowds out wife!’

Report from National Investigator Seinfeldt is an out-of-control hoarder whose habits are pushing his marriage. He apparently owns more than 150 cars and 500 pairs of sneakers, not to mention his watches and other luxury items. One source said, “When he likes something, he wants to buy it multiple times.”

This will not be a problem, but according to insiders, the Seinfeld building is now almost full. “Their homes in New York City and Hampton are full of these things and Jessica wants them to start unloading. They’ve been arguing about it for years, but now it’s a constant quarrel. “

Jerry Seinfeld is good for that

Seinfeld Re-run is extremely profitable. Some sites put the total value of Jerry at around $ 950 million. He made 15 percent Seinfeld Royalty, so he got more money than anyone could expect to spend. With that in mind, Gossip Cop Don’t just buy this story.

It is true that Jerry has an extensive collection of sneakers and cars. He can afford to build an impressive garage for himself and he actually has. He owns a $ 1.4 million garage under Manhattan that he built in 2002. It would be foolish to think that Jessica might stumble upon Porsche in her home.

In an interview with New York Times, Jerry was asked about his reputation for being a neat lunatic. His response alone debunks this Investigator Story: “I’m not a germophob. I’m more about organized behavior routines. Yes, I keep my toothpaste in the same place all the time. I’m not an OCD, but I like routine. “Seinfeld House seems to have a place for everything, so this hoarding story is hollow.

Too much marital strife

You’ll find it hard to think of a more general tabloid story than a struggling marriage. Jerry and Jessica Seinfeldt seem to be doing great. They had just taken a vacation in St. Barts and everyone was laughing.

In its eyes Investigator, Every marriage ends soon. Meghan Merkel, Reese Witherspoon and Tom Selek have expressed doubts about their marriage. All three are still happily married. In this particular case, considering Jerry’s reputation for cleanliness, the play is ridiculously false.

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