Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake Alleged 250M Divorce, Facing Marriage

Is Justin Timberlake And Jessica BielMarried on thin ice? Rumor has it, the couple reached a dangerously close to $ 250 million divorce. Here’s the latest gossip about a favorite couple.

Can’t Justin Timberlake’s marriage be saved?

Late last year, Lifestyle Justin Timberlake was again at the dog house with Jessica Biel because of rumors of online cheating. According to an anonymous tip sent to celebrity gossip Instagram account Duxmoy, Timberlake was spotted hooking up with a woman while in Atlanta. And soon after the rumor hit the internet, the singer went out on an NBA game without her wedding ring. “Jessica is doing her best to ignore the rumors,” an insider admitted. “But it’s getting harder and harder and this marriage may not be salvageable.”

Of course, the outlet did not bother to give any context to this rumor. First of all DeuxMoi is hardly a reliable source. The account revolves around hundreds of tips a week, and rarely if any of them turn into anything. Honestly, we really suspected that Biel and Timberlake had even heard of this latest rumor. Furthermore, we know better than anyone that just because a celebrity goes out without their wedding ring, doesn’t mean their marriage doesn’t automatically fall into trouble.

‘It’s the End’ for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel?

After a couple of months, All right! Biel was preparing to file for divorce, which means he and Timberlake will have to fight in court for their $ 250 million joint assets. “There was a push between them just before Christmas,” revealed a snitch. “Justin was trying to persuade Jessica to pull the plug on their Hollywood life. Jessica was crying. He gave her an ultimatum: settle down with her and the kids once and for all or risk losing her for good.” According to sources, Timberlake was choosing Hollywood.

But we quickly found out that Tabloid’s claims about ruining Biel Timberlake’s career were false. In fact, Timberlake has been working consistently all this time. Not to mention, Timberlake supported Biel because he launched his own family wellness brand, Kinderfarm. Knowing this and seeing the couple’s boundless affection for each other on Instagram confirms that the outlet was full of it.

Is Jessica Biel living a different life?

Then All right! Reported that it was actually the success of Biel’s recent career that set him and Timberlake apart. Apparently, Timberlake wasn’t happy about taking care of the kids when Biel went to shoot his new short series. Candy. “Busy with Jessica Candy, And Justin Montana was on his father’s day-care duty in their place… he’s not thrilled about it, “said an insider. “It’s putting a lot of pressure on their relationship because he’s just not managing the pressure well.”

It was immediately clear that the outlet had not done its research on Biel and Timberlake before writing this story. First, Biel never stopped his career. He has been consistently acting and producing in TV series and movies all this time. Moreover, Timberlake did nothing but support his wife. He even wanted a small role Candy Because he was very excited about the project. Apparently, Timberlake and Biel are working fine, whether the tabloids believe it or not.

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