Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake has been accused of teasing rumors

Is Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake Going to split? A report nullifies the presence of a tense public as evidence of marital problems. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Justin and Jessica’s Post-Holiday Blues!’

Per New ideas, Returned from Timberlake and Biel Cabo in worse condition to wear. The couple at LAX should have been happy after a nice holiday, but they are reported to be tired and irritable. A source close to the family said the trip was “long overdue … they’ve been like a ship since Christmas night. He was filming in Atlanta while he was busy on a miniseries set in Texas.”

The trip to Mexico was an opportunity for Timberlake and Biel to revive their spark. The two have been in a rough patch since Timberlake was seen holding hands with him Palmer Co-star Alisha Wainwright. Presumably, Biel and Timberlake didn’t get much sleep. “Silas insisted on joining them in bed — and obviously he sleeps like a windmill,” said an insider.

What’s going on with Justin Timberlake?

New ideas Managed to reveal a story that is both wrong and absolutely horrible. First, no one is beaming at the airport. The flight from Cabo to Los Angeles is longer than the runtime Palmer, And only fools will laugh when they deal with LAX. You can’t extrapolate marital drama because they don’t claim luggage.

What makes this story particularly bizarre is the testimony of Silas calming down with her parents in bed. According to Daily letter, The children were not seen at the airport or at the cabo. Looks like the Power couple found a sitter. This means that some misleading sources have only invented a full night scene involving a 7 year old child. New ideas Literally gossiping about children should stop.

Gossip starts to pile up

Jessica Biel forgives Justin Timberlake Palmer Reckless years ago, but you don’t have to know it from reading New ideas. Fourteen months after Wayne Wright was arrested, the outlet claims that Biel was worried about the red carpet in their film. Wayne Wright and Timberlake didn’t do any presses together, so it was a hogwash.

Using photos outside of context is one of the specialties of this tabloid. It once claimed that Julia Roberts would be divorced because she was looking uncomfortable on the phone in Hawaii. She and her husband Danny Moder are fine. It sounds weird, but couples don’t always smile. This does not mean that divorce is imminent.

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