Jessica Simpson’s husband allegedly complained about her ‘stick-thin’ appearance

Is Jessica SimpsonConcerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. A tabloid claims that her recent appearance has provoked health fears for fashion designers. Here’s what we know about Simpson’s dramatic weight loss.

Is Jessica Simpson raising a ‘red flag’ for fans?

This week, Our weekly Jessica Simpson is reportedly worried about her shrinking appearance. The actress, singer and fashion designer revealed in her 2020 memoir that she was personally battling alcohol and pill addiction before calming down in 2017 – and now fans fear she could be attacked again. After she recently posted a picture of herself modeling denim for her brand, fans quickly noticed how thin she was. Now, insiders at the outlet insist it’s a sign that Simpson is fighting something big.

“Jessica has been struggling lately,” is an inside meal. “Jessica wants the world to think she’s doing great, but behind the scenes, she’s spiraling … she’s obsessed with her looks and looks like she’s on a stick-thin mission at any cost.” And while sources say Simpson and her husband Eric Johnson have been “on the ground” lately, she’s clearly worried about him. “It’s a classic case of insecurity, and it’s sad to watch,” Tipster concluded.

Is Jessica Simpson secretly ‘spiraling’?

This report is outrageous. First of all, Simpson liked the photo shared by the tabloids. Most of his fans were appreciative of Simpson’s good looks in the comments section and you would have a hard time finding a negative word. So, frankly, this outlet is the only one that seems to be concerned with Simpson’s appearance.

Moreover, it is wrong to include Simpson’s battle with addiction. According to Simpson himself, he has been quiet for more than four years. The designer actually marked the anniversary in November by sharing a picture of himself in the midst of his battle with alcoholism. The image is far from what Simpson currently looks like, so it makes us wonder why the magazine believes Simpson has been re-infected.

Tabloids on Jessica Simpson’s weight

The story is particularly brutal considering Simpson’s weight has received intense media attention over the years. In 2018, after Simpson’s last pregnancy, the tabloid media reprimanded her with endless, brutal body-shame. In contact Simpson’s husband reportedly asked her to go on a diet. Then They Simpson claims he “couldn’t stop eating.” And finally, NW Allegedly Simpson was depressed because he could not lose weight. Apparently, the tabloids are determined to embarrass Simpson, no matter what he looks like.

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