Joe Judis to Teresa: Can I hurt your brother-in-law?

Although the dude was originally a walking red flag, Teresa Goodis is still involved with Luis Ruelas.

Of course, Teresa is no stranger to dating and marrying her downstairs.

Before Lewis, she was married to Joe Goodis, and that unholy affair ended with the most horrific split in the history of reality television.

You may recall that Teresa and Joe both went to prison before they went their separate ways, and Joe was exiled.

Divided Judge

Not even Chrisleys That Lots of trouble!

However, Joe is unable to re-enter the country so he will not attend Teresa’s wedding.

(Maybe he can livestream the show from sunny Italy!)

Juicy Joe Giudice picture

But the distance doesn’t stop her from taking part in many of the old wedding traditions of crawling to the bridal party through vulgar remarks.

Teresa turned 50 earlier this week, and she marked the occasion by posting a photo of herself standing next to Lewis’ sisters.

Judis wrote in the caption of the photo, “Thanks to my beautiful sisters in love for always giving me a reason to laugh.”

Teresa and Sisters-Law

And it seems that Joe couldn’t take his eyes off the woman on the left, as many fans have noted, with little resemblance to Teresa’s co-star Bravo star Kelly Bensimon.

“Is Long married?” Ask comments according to Joe In contact.

Fans seemed pleased with Joe’s comments, but many noted that while he was unmarried, Lewis’s sister was probably not looking for a 50-year-old criminal who was not even allowed to enter the United States.

Juicy Joe Judis

But hey, you can’t blame the guy for shooting his shots!

And Joe is not the only Bravo-Liberty whose marriage etiquette can work a little.

The real housewife in New York City Star Ramona Singer recently leaked the date and venue of Teresa’s wedding, which means the show is now at risk of being crowded by over-enthusiastic fans.

Teresa Goodis through confessional

To her credit, Teresa took the news of the leak like a game.

She is keeping the date and venue, even though she did not invite Ramona.

“I’m sure she didn’t want to do it,” Teresa said during a red carpet interview at MTV TV and the Movie Awards.

Drama about Teresa Goodis Season 12

Teresa noted that Ramona quickly apologized for the wrong pass, explaining that she was overwhelmed with excitement because Teresa’s invitation was “the best.” [she’s] Ever got it. “

“I called him and said, ‘Please, take it down.’ And she said, actually yes, I think she said, ‘Yeah, I’m sorry. I was so excited.… I get invited to a lot of weddings,’ “Judis said.

“I was like, ‘That’s not a problem, okay.’

Teresa Goodis thinks about life

For those unfamiliar with the insecurity of the jersey, a former Manhattan Socialite Garden State consonant told her that her wedding invitation was the best wedding gift she had ever seen.

Speaking of invitations, we hope Teresa sent someone a jockey.

Obviously he can’t attend, but he may feel so guilty for hurting Lewis’s sister that he will send her a really expensive gift!

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