John Cusack is following the Nicholas Cage playbook and why we’re not sure

John Cusack Once upon a time there was a truly leading man. Like hit film Deep loyalty And Being John Malkovich Certified him as a favorite every man, but recently, something strange. He is pursuing a career path Nicholas Cage. What’s going on here?

From the big screen to the small screen

As recently as 2014, Cusack was still regularly seen on the big screen. He was one Hot tub time machineStarring Richard Nixon Lee Daniels the ButlerAnd current Brian Wilson in the Beach Boys biopic, Love and compassion. 2015 brought a cameo Hot Tub Time Machine 2 As well as a bit of a role for Spike Lee Chi-rack. Little did we know then that this would mark a career change for Cusack.

John Cusack went straight to the video

Beginning in 2013, Cusack began increasingly appearing in live-to-stream movies. It’s an easy way to make some money and it’s not an unprecedented move. Around the same time, Cage begins to do the same thing. In 2017 alone, Cage starred in six live-to-video films. This includes a favorite of John Waters, Mom and DadAs well as a flick opposite Cusack: Arsenal.

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The Kusak star has been seen in numerous action movies in the last few years, where he has played some rather interestingly named male characters. Inside Loneliness, He played Elias van Dorn when he was Vernon Sarsfield Perverted. His most recent project, PursuitCame out earlier this year.

Why change?

Why would Cusack pivot this market from Hollywood? Well, there are many possibilities. Straight-to-video releases can be surprisingly profitable. Studios can make them cheap, so it’s not hard for them to make a small profit. We highly suspect that Cusack, Cage, or anyone else will be annoyed if a tidy pay day is not found.

There are a number of compelling reasons why Cusack may be out of Hollywood. In 2019, Cusack tweeted an anti-Semitic image. It features a quote misquoted to Voltaire but actually came from a neo-Nazi. Cusack initially blamed the tweet on a “bot”, then defended it several times. He finally deleted the tweet apologizing.

In 2014, there was a surprise interview with Cusack Guardian Where he did not pull any punches towards Hollywood. “It’s a brothel and people go crazy,” he said. He also blasted the corporate system, where franchises have all the power. It’s not hard to imagine why Disney wouldn’t call him after saying that. In any case, if you really want to see a Cusack film, it is not difficult to find him. Don’t just go to the cinema.

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