John Stewart allegedly stopped the train, intimidating staff after the show reported

Is John Stuart Hit out on his staff? A report says he is taking his rating-related frustration on staff John Stuart’s problem. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Radging John’s Problem: His New Show’s a Dude!’

Per National Investigator, Stuart’s new Apple TV + show dies in water. He is hitting his staff because his rating is too bad. To make matters worse, Stuart’s late-night rivals are apparently smiling behind him. One source said, “John isn’t that satirical star, and the ratings reflect that – and he’s crazy like hell.”

Temper tantrums are becoming increasingly common as Stuart deals with damaged ego. “She doesn’t understand it. She’s a hit Daily show“It doesn’t help that Jimmy Fallon, James Corden and Stephen Colbert are all laughing at his misfortune,” said a source. The snitch is over, so he’s not taking his new place nicely.

What’s going on with John Stuart?

Yes, John Stewart’s rating is much lower than that of Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Fallon. It has nothing to do with Stuart, but it has everything to do with Apple TV +. Increasingly, streaming platforms have far fewer homes than CBS or NBC.

Stuart himself commented on his ratings on his show: “You’re probably going to see a bunch of clips of it somewhere on YouTube, where you’re a pirate. Ted Lasso. You don’t know how to get an Apple TV, do you? ” He is well aware of the limitations of his platform.

Gossip Cop Corden, Fallon, and Colbert in particular, have serious suspicions of ridiculing Stewart. Colbert owes much of his career to Stuart and has featured him in Stuart Night show Countless times. Stuart is a living legend who has just won the Mark Twain Award for Humor. He can climb that high for a while.

Besides, all this is just speculation. Like most streaming platforms, Apple TV + does not disclose its ratings. EW Reports that this is the platform’s top unscripted series, so it’s at least something. Even in its main, Daily show The ratings of J. Leno or David Letterman did not come close to sniffing harshly due to cable limitations. Streaming is more limited, so this whole angle is simply ignorant.

Lots of rating stories

The Investigator Quick to quote sagging ratings whenever it wants a hit piece. It claims Scene As the rating is low, it will not be political. It obviously didn’t happen. It is claimed that Gayle King is being forcibly evicted CBS Morning The low rating is high, but he has just been re-signed for big money. Numbers never tell the whole story.

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