Johnny Depp-Amber Hard Trial: The jury did as it pleased, why Alpacas

If you’ve followed the Johnny Depp-Amber hard trial, you know that the previous six weeks have given birth to countless startling complaints and endless hours of high-stakes drama.

But there was a small exchange between all the moments of making the title that went unnoticed most of the time, but has since become a major source of obsession for Depp’s toughest supporters.

And it’s related to a cartoonishly embraced South American mammal that has come to replace the sloth as the Internet’s favorite critic, Du Zour.

We’re talking about Alpaca, of course.

Johnny Depp out of court

In a statement before the current trial, Depp joked that even a flock of Alpacas (no pun intended) could persuade him to do the fifth. Caribbean pirates Film

Hard’s attorney, Elaine Bradhoft, quoted Disney executive Tina Newman as saying while she was on the stand.

“If they bring me $ 300 million and a million Alpacas, nothing under this world, they’ll want me to go back to this world and work with Disney on a Pirates of the Caribbean movie,” Bradhoft said.

Johnny Depp in court

“Did you know that Mr. Depp testified under oath that he would not take on another Pirates of the Caribbean franchise role for $ 300 million and one million Alpacas?” He asked Newman, who answered in the negative.

“Did Disney entertain Mr. Depp for more than $ 300 million and give him more than a million Alpacas to be able to get his services for any future Pirates of the Caribbean role?” Bradhoft asked, which Newman did not say again.

In the weeks that followed, the Alpacas became a symbol used by Depp fans to signal their support for troubled stars.

Depp Alpacas

Even when several animals were brought to court by their owners, where they stood sentries outside the building, there is no doubt why they are being forced to take sides in a celebrity defamation suit.

Depp’s lawyers posed with hairy camels as he walked out of court, and Depp joked to reporters that it was a “short day.”

Clearly, this is one of the lighter aspects of this extremely ugly court battle, but Alpaca’s testimony points to a major problem for Depp and his legal team.

Deep Alpacas 2

To win their case, Tim Depp doesn’t just have to convince the jury that Hard lied to him in 2018 The Washington Post The article, however, also states that the lie caused ডে 50 million in damage to Depp’s career.

They have faced additional obstacles to prove that Hard was talking about Depp in the article, as he did not mention his ex-husband’s name.

Depp claims to have damaged the centers, arguing that he lost $ 22.5 million in paydays when he launched the Disney plug. Pirate 5 Due to herd abuse claims.

Johnny Depp enters court

But Hard’s team argues that Amber contacted Depp Disney long before she revealed the piece she identified herself as surviving domestic abuse.

“Honestly, I’m not going to do anything again that adds to the discussion about increasing my embarrassment about prostitution for all these sexual wastes[someofthecharactersthatIhavesoignorantlystartedtoconsiderasmyinheritance”Deppwroteinatextmessage[tnothingyearsoncharactersthatIsoignorantlystartedtothinkofasmylegacy”Deppwrotetothisissistantinatextmessagethatwassentbeforethearticlewaspublished[চরিত্রগুলিরজন্যকিছুইনয়যেগুলিকেআমিএতঅজ্ঞতাবশতআমারউত্তরাধিকারহিসাবেভাবতেশুরুকরেছি”ডেপলিখেছেনএইসহকারীএকটিপাঠ্যবার্তায়যানিবন্ধটিপ্রকাশিতহওয়ারআগেপাঠানোহয়েছিল।[tnothingyearsoncharactersthatIsoignorantlystartedtothinkofasmylegacy”Deppwrotetothisassistantinatextmessagethatwassentbeforethearticlewaspublished

“Every C-Enting Fight !!! F-King time every time !!! I held my ugliness and anger deeper and tested it even when I had a place to do it in my head !!!! ”

Amber takes a hard stand

The jury heard the concluding argument on Friday and began discussions immediately afterwards.

Tuesday marked the second day of negotiations, and a verdict is expected before the end of the week

We will have more updates on this evolving story as more information becomes available.

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