Johnny Depp fans salute ‘today’s’ Savannah Guthrie in an interview

Savannah Guthrie Interviewed recently Amber Harder Chief Attorney Ellen Charleson Upstairs Show today And fierce Johnny Depp Fans did not waste time expressing their annoyance. The chief attorney of the case has given his reaction to the verdict, but many commentators have questioned whether he should have been platformed at all. Unfortunately, Guthrie became the target of the wrath of these disgruntled fans.

Savannah Guthrie interviewed Amber Hard’s lawyer

Savannah Guthrie sat down with Amber Hard’s lawyer to discuss the verdict in the much-discussed defamation suit brought against Hard by her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Depp sued his ex-wife for 50 million, alleging that he had defamed her by writing an op-ed, referring to himself as a victim of domestic violence. The social media response to the trial seemed overwhelmingly in Depp’s favor, with Hard going out of his way to demonize Hard in some process.

The jury sided with Depp, paying him $ 15 million out of the 50 million he requested, although that number would drop to $ 10 million due to Virginia law. Winning a defamation lawsuit is unusual, which is why the verdict came as a surprise to some in the legal community, and Hard’s lawyer, Elaine Charleson, did not downplay her dissatisfaction. Watch a clip of the interview below.

The ‘Today’ interview turned off Johnny Depp supporters

Charleson’s presence Today The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, with some of Depp’s fans starting to target Guthrie on social media, primarily Instagram, through derogatory comments and sarcasm about the trial. “Horrible and one-sided interview today with Amber Hard’s lawyer. You made it so clear that you were in favor of Amber Hard. I’m unfollowing you and going back to ABC, “read a comment.

Another read, in part, “You have lost a lot [credibility] In my eyes … you are not a lawyer. You do not hear testimony hours and days. You’ll automatically jump in next to Amber Hard because she’s a woman … Come on Savannah, I thought you were a neutral reporter. “

Lots of criticism for Guthrie

Other Instagram comments have also criticized Guthrie for his “bias”, another wrote, in part, “I am deeply disappointed and disappointed to see the clear bias represented in this interview.” Another said, “Your interview was a great example of a Today show that decided to ignore true and unbelievable gender bias. Or have you gotten anyone on the show to get a view? Either way, it’s gross, “followed by a clown emoji.

After Guthrie posted a clip of the interview on his Instagram page, one person wrote, “Why would you take him and give him airtime ??” Apparently referring to Charleson.

Some took issue with Guthrie’s reference to the impact of social media in the case, leading one to comment, “It is really frustrating to say that ‘social media was part of the verdict and one-sided and confusing to Amber Hard’.” How can you, as a journalist, continue to describe them as JD is a ‘female beater’? To be ‘neutral’ you are definitely biased. You have a son… imagine this happening to him. # Annoying # mentu “

It’s just part of the job

Despite some criticism on social media, an interview with an opposition consultant in the case of journalism is certainly the same. Reading these comments, one might think that Guthrie had quietly declared his support for Hard, rather than simply conducting an interview and asking questions of many. People are allowed to think about the outcome of this case, but that does not mean that they are free to harass others just to do their job.

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