Johnny Depp is so-called ‘crushing the scales’, worrying friends in Amber Hard

There is Johnny Depp Struggling to come to terms with its ever-evolving public image? The tabloids will convince you that the actor has been in a “downward spiral” for months now. Let’s check on this Caribbean pirates Star

Johnny Depp worried about hand injuries to friends?

Back in September, National Investigator It is learned that Johnny Depp was badly injured in the hand injury. “He has bruises on his hands which appear to have been caused by blunt force injuries. Looks like he punched someone or something! ” A doctor who did not treat Depp observed. And sources share that Depp’s mental struggles are far worse than his physical injuries. “Johnny’s mood hurts him more than anyone else … he loses control and often gets hurt in the end.”

But while it was clear that Depp had hit his hand, the original photos showed much less serious injuries than the tabloid shots. It was only from a visual comparison that the magazine edited the photo so that Depp’s hand looked much more horrified and injured than it really was. Although we can’t say exactly how he got the injury or what it means for his mental state, the tabloid was clearly trying to add fuel to the fire with this inflammatory report.

Johnny Depp turning into a ‘Stinky Slab’?

Then Globe Reported that Depp’s hygiene was on the way when he was ready to sue his ex-wife for defamation. And the source said that the smell of his body was making it difficult for him to unload the dates. “She’s really gone off the shell while fighting on the court and just shaking her shoulders or shaking her head violently when people ask if she’s ever going there to go and date again,” Tipster admits. “Johnny still gets offers from women who like the grunge look, but he’s not interested these days.”

As the article criticized Depp’s weight, it became clear that the outlet only wanted to insult him. Besides, if Depp’s friends are seriously concerned about him, as the magazine claims, then why in the world would they take these concerns to this lazy tabloid? Of course, a true friend would personally bring these concerns to Depp. However, it is clear that the magazine wanted to make quick money by hitting Depp.

Johnny Depp ‘crushing the scales’ at 260 pounds?

And most recently, Investigator Depp’s weight has become a major cause for concern. “His general lack of self-care has been a problem for years now, but lately it has gone into overdrive,” said an insider. “Johnny gets the pig out on all the wrong foods and drowns his sorrows in alcohol while smoking like a chimney and rarely doing any exercise.”

But because of this tipstar’s desire to insult Depp, we were sure they couldn’t actually get close to the actor. So, we were definitely not buying source comments about Depp’s diet. And we remind readers that you can’t really tell anything about someone’s health or diet by looking at paparazzi pictures. While it was entirely possible that Depp could cope with the pressures of his legal battle as well as pick up some unhealthy habits, we or the tabloids have no way of knowing.

What we do know is that the courts of public opinion seem to be swaying more and more in favor of Depp these days. Her ongoing court battle with Hard certainly made it clear that their relationship was far more complicated than any of us initially realized. So, these tabloids are definitely not helping anyone by repeatedly using Depp as a punching bag for false rumors.

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