Jonathan Scott of ‘Property Brothers’ Injured During Recent Demo

Renovating a home can be a daunting task, but it can also be a daunting task. Try asking Property Brothers Star Jonathan Scott! He recently went on to share an injury he suffered while working on Instagram.

Scott says ‘tickling is dangerous’ after hand injury

“Caution,” Scott captioned his post. “What’s more dangerous is destroying a house or making a video.” In the video, Scott goes to a hatch on the floor of the house where he works and says, “I just want to know, will you go there?” Are you

“Do you want to go there?” Scott continues, opening the hatch completely and attaching it to the wall. “Do you want to go down the terrible stairs?”

The video then addresses the camera and cuts off Scott. “That’s why I say over and over again, it’s dangerous to do TikToks,” he laughs, showing his hurt: a scrap on the back of his hand.

Fans respond: ‘I’d be more dramatic’

Her comments section was soon filled with friends and followers who liked the video. Brother JD writes, “Aka: JD’s suit. That’s where they put me. But every time on a full moon night, late at night, I reappear for destruction … and eat sushi. “

Quier I. Star and fellow home renovator Bobby Burke commented, “Seeing this, my stomach just went down my throat.” Fans also liked the video. “The second time you leaned against the door, I immediately asked if it was there. Aha! ” One person wrote.

“It hurts !!!!! I would have been more dramatic !!” Another fan laughed. While many expressed concern for Scott’s injured hand, others encouraged him to return from the hatch. “Ice it up and go back, please.” I want to see where it goes … “Someone wrote. Another fan joked,” I’ll go … after sending professionals to chase away any wildlife. “

The latest Star-studded ‘Property Brothers’ project

It’s not clear who Scott was working at, but it could be a celebrity home. Property Brothers’ new project, a new season Celebrity IOUJohn C. Check out the pair’s reforming features for stars like Reilly, Tiffany Haddish, and Snoop Dogg.

Whether it’s a celebrity home or a home for the average Joe, it’s clear that home renovations can be dangerous. Scott’s funny video reminds fans that there is a possibility of hitting even the most innocent aspects of home improvement – even if that injury is a small scrap on your hand.

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