Joy Bihar has blamed Donald Trump for the big change in ‘The View’

Although more attention has been paid to co-hosts coming and going in recent years, the rest are women Scene Have recently acknowledged how much their hot topic debate show has changed since it first started. Longtime co-host Joy Bihar Reveals what বা or rather who তিনি he believes is behind the cause of change. This is not surprising, the former president Donald Trump Behind the main change was Behar’s opinion.

Both the co-host and the audience agree SceneIts tone has changed drastically over the years. At its inception, the show was a friendly and casual hot-topic talk show, but the past few years have seen a remarkably different atmosphere. Former co-host Megan McCain’s burning presence on the show could be used as an explanation, but Joy Behr believes the change began even earlier.

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Of course there was a big part of the popularity of social media, Behar admitted during the show’s 25th anniversary episode. As the last original co-host, she recalled a time before social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and others allowed fans to interact directly with their favorite celebrities.

There was no constant flow of comments at that time. When Hoopi Goldberg asked if social media was the main reason Behar believes the show was “completely different” from how it started, Behar disagreed.

“I think the show really changed when Trump entered,” Behar explained. “‘Because we used to laugh more before he came into the office.” Another co-host, Sarah Haynes, joked that Trump was a good material for comedians like Behar.

“Yes, he’s a good material for comedians,” Behar agrees before adding, “but I mean, he’s become so scary as a leader – or whatever he is – as a threat to democracy, it’s very important.” It’s about expressing what we’ve felt, thought and read to the audience. ” Behar added, “And so, it has become a completely different show. That’s what happened. “

Sunny Houston acknowledged that a mix of Trump and social media has begun to weigh on her, saying her presidency has “expressed a certain resentment and some brutality” from something on the right.

“Suddenly, I started getting-with death threats শুধু just really nasty, just toxic, of course racist comments,” Houston continued. “And I started taking Hoopy’s advice, which caused me to stop reading it. Because it made my heart beat faster and it was a really uncomfortable place. “

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Anna Navarro, a frequent guest host, added that she also received several hateful messages, but what she enjoyed about social media was the audience’s ability to hold her and other co-hosts accountable.

Scene There are incredibly loyal visitors, who remember! He said. “Who keeps you honest. They remember what you said last month, they remember what you said last year, so try to be hypocritical and try to change and you give them an explanation!

Hoopi Goldberg saw some of that responsibility earlier this year when he misrepresented the Holocaust. Although he initially defended his statement, he quickly moved away from the offensive statement and apologized. He was suspended from the show for two weeks due to huge waves of reaction and anger. Fans must not hesitate to say exactly how the hosts are feeling.

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