Juicy Smollett will make his directorial debut after his release from prison

Juicy Smollett He is returning to the entertainment industry after being released from prison after appealing for his hate crime. The actor’s directorial debut is going to be released next month.

Debut under Smollett’s management

In honor of Pride Month, Smollett’s new movie, B-Boy Blues, will be released in June by BET +. The film is an adaptation of a book by James Earl Hardy of the same name. Devin Griffin, Executive Vice President of BET +, said, “Through our content slate, we intend to present the fullness of the Black experience, including the LGBTQ + community.”

He continued, “B-Boy Blues An artistic, heartbreaking film about the complexities of love – something we can all relate to. “In addition to directing the movie, Smollett also helped write the script.

Production of the film began in 2020, and B-Boy Blues Debuted at the 2021 American Black Film Festival, won the Narrative Feature Fan Favorite Award. The success of the movie is a big deal for Smollett, who has faced some serious controversy over the years.

2019 Hate Crime Hoaxes

In 2019, Smollett told police he was attacked by two men who beat him up and used several racist and gay slogans. Shortly after the incident was headlined, it was discovered that Smollett had staged the incident, hiring two brothers to carry out the “attack”.

In March 2022, Smollett was convicted of five counts of criminal mischief for making four false police reports. He was sentenced to 150 days in county jail, two-and-a-half years in prison, fined $ 25,000, and ordered to return to the city of Chicago for just $ 120,000.

Smollett’s current legal battle

The actor was released five days after posting ফলাফল 150,000 on bail pending the outcome of his conviction appeal. This was due to comments made by Smollett and his legal team about his personal safety.

After his sentencing, Smollett repeatedly said, “I’m not suicidal.” He then said, “Yours sincerely, I respect you and I respect the jury, but I did not do it, and I am not suicidal, and if something happened to me while going there, I did not do it to myself, and you know it.”

Smelt remained on bail while his case was appealed and will continue to attend the hearing. Although Smollett’s personal life remains complex, it will be interesting to see his re-entry into the entertainment industry.

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