Julia Louis-Dreyfus ‘Ellen’ has an interesting record among the guests

Its the final episode Ellen DeGeneresIts self-titled talk show aired on May 26 after an eventful 19-season run. DeGeneres has joined countless celebrity guests on her stage over the years, creating for some interesting news, to say the least. Actress and comedian Julia Louis-Dreyfus He recently appeared in one of the finale episodes of the show and found out that he has a special record among the guests. Ellen Shaw.

The end of an era

The Louis-Dreyfus interview began with him and DeGeneres discussing what it would be like to end a long-term project. Louis-Dreyfuss knows the feeling better than anyone else, with the smiling Elaine Benes playing the character. Seinfeld For nine seasons before his time Vip Years later.

Ellen began, “You know what it’s like — I mean, you’ve done an amazing show that’s over. And then you do another amazing show, and – so, you know, something else will happen. “

“All right. That’s right. Without question. Without question. It’s a big transition, “said Louis Dreyfuss.

Record in question

DeGeneres went on to change the subject when he let Louis-Dreyfus speak a little secret: “But you — any of us have a record of cursing the most on the show.”

Louis-Dreyfus was quick with a joke: “Well let me tell you something, I’ll make sure no one loses that f * cking record in these last few episodes.” So I’m going to make sure I’m going to make my position as strong as possible during this interview. ”

Ellen replied: “Then it’s twice, it’s twice in the first two minutes.”

And true to its nature of getting the last smile, Louis Dreyfus punctuated Ellen’s statement with a “yes.” F * ck Yes, “and” I am a woman. “

Viewers loved watching these two leading women reunite for some laughter Ellen It would be hard for DeGeneres to move away from his show after 19 years on a come off show, but we wish him well in the next chapter of his life and career.

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