Julia Roberts’ anniversary has apparently been upset, with sketchy rumors claiming

Is Julia Roberts Disagree with again Danny ModerHis first wife? A tabloid claims that the couple is fighting after being reminded of the stressful beginning of their romance. Let’s say colleagues have become parents of three.

Injured by Julia Roberts ‘Resurfaced Love Triangle’?

This week, New ideas An old scandal is coming back to plague Julia Roberts and her husband Danny Moder. According to reports, a viral Instagram post describing how Roberts was “another woman” at the beginning of his relationship with Moder has put the couple in a difficult position.

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Detectives say the post contained a picture of Roberts’ famous “A Lo Vera” shirt. Roberts publicly wore the shirt, citing Moder’s first wife, Vera Stimberg, as he had ended their divorce at the time, preventing Moder from remarrying. After the message directed by Roberts was circulated, Steinberg granted Moder a divorce. She married Roberts on July 4, 2002, just a month later. And now that he and Moder are approaching their 20th wedding anniversary, sources say the post was a real punch in the stomach.

“Julia is not thrilled that the way her marriage started is being touted on the Internet,” he said. And the outlet notes that Roberts never regretted making the shirt. “Julia was at the end of her teaser with it. She hated being known as the ‘other woman’ and was too much to bear the demands of all relationships,” Tipster added. Afraid to do.

Is Julia Roberts’ marriage under pressure?

Here’s the deal: this post was so low-profile that it wasn’t reported by any major outlet. Roberts is certainly not asking any questions about Vera Steinberg, and we suspect she noticed this so-called annoying post. It’s a bit ironic that the magazine is drones about how horrible it would be for Roberts to be reminded of his and Moder’s past. That’s right What is it trying to do.

But we suspect that the mere recollection of their past will have a profound effect on Roberts and Moder. They know what happened, and this is all ancient history at the moment. The couple welcomes three beautiful children together and this whole story is just a lazy attempt to create conflict in their marriage. And, interestingly, tabloids are far from the first such attempt.

The Magazine on Julia Roberts

New ideas Roberts and Moder have a long history of suspicion about marriage. A recent outlet report claims that Roberts and Moder are taking a “make or break” to Australia. And then the magazine claimed that Roberts had a secret romantic relationship with George Clooney, not once, but twice. So, we are automatically skeptical about anything New ideas Talk about rubbish.

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