Julia Roberts’ husband shared a rare photo of their son

It’s always interesting to see what celebrity kids look like and Julia Roberts‘ Swami Dan Moder Recently fans gave their 15-year-old son a rare look. So, does Henry look more like his movie star mom or his cameraman dad?

Moder’s followers commented on the boy’s resemblance to the father: ‘I thought it was an old picture of you!’

Moder went to Instagram to celebrate her son’s birthday. “This kid is my son, playful for anything.” stoked today 15. I love you, “he captioned a photo of young Henry Hitchhiker holding a skateboard.

Fans and friends wish Henry a happy birthday and wonder how much he has grown. Actor Chad Low writes, “Looks like you in Malibu Park!” Fans have agreed, with many commenting on what the father and son look like.

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“I totally thought it was a #fbf of yours!” Someone wrote. Another commented, “I thought this was an old picture of you! 15? !! What a wonderful way to screw people over.” Others have left their birthday wishes below the photo: “Happy Birthday Henry! Enjoy your day with love and have some fun.”

Another rare look at Roberts’ children

Moder and Roberts rarely share pictures of their children, which makes this picture of Henry so interesting. Moder recently shared a photo of the twins Phineas and Hazel in honor of their 17th birthday.

“These are the rebellious rovers,” Moder wrote below in a photo of the twins having breakfast. “17 Today. Thank you for helping me through parenthood. “She and Roberts are dedicated to keeping their children out of the spotlight – so dedicated that, according to Roberts, their kids don’t really understand how famous their movie star mother is.

Roberts Kids: ‘Are you more famous than Taylor Swift?’

With a 2018 interview Harper’s Market“I don’t think they’ll ever really understand that,” Roberts said [my fame]. I think I told you once when they started to figure it out, it was like, ‘Are you famous?’ And I said, ‘I think a lot of people might have seen the movie I’m in or maybe they know who I am. “” The kids even asked Roberts, “Are you more famous than Taylor Swift?”

Roberts and Moder keep their children out of the public eye, but Moder’s recent Instagram posts have given fans a rare look at Hazel, Phineas and Henry, allowing them to see how the kids look like their famous parents.

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