Kanye West handled another setback in his divorce from Kim Kardashian

You should have expected Connie West And Kim Kardashian There will be a full divorce. The hip-hop legend suffered another blow in his legal battle with his ex-wife. What’s going on here?

Losing another ally

Anyone who follows the divorce of the West and Kardashian knows that the West is burning through lawyers. He fired his fourth lawyer, Chris Melcher, in March because the relationship had broken down. The West is reportedly unable to decide whether he wants to fight or remain friendly. She went ahead with high-profile divorce attorney Samantha Specter. She represented Nicole Young in her divorce from Dr. Dre.

That didn’t last long

New court documents reveal that Specter wants to leave. He has filed a motion for relief as a lawyer. “There has been an unresolved breakdown in the attorney-client relationship,” he wrote. Specter is leaving the case to the West’s new attorney, Deborah Hong.

However, there is a big problem: Hong is not a divorce attorney. His website says he specializes in corporate transactions. This means that West will probably have to open the Yellow Pages again to find another attorney.

How is Kanye West?

West opens 2022 with the outrage of countless people about his children. He wrote on Instagram, “Yesterday my kids were not allowed to go to the Sunday service and there was a multiple last minute change in schedule which separated me as a guardian which is thanks to the illegitimate God.”

In another post, he posted a picture of a northwest backpack featuring an alien pin, lamenting “it was in my daughter’s backpack when I was allowed to see her last week.” Kardashian responded personally, “Please stop this narrative, you were here this morning to take the kids to school.”

The West has been ineffectively quiet in recent months, popping up only to promote a partnership with McDonald’s. No one can help but hope that at some point he will leave with this latest frustration. As far as I know, Kardashian has not released any lawyer for him. Stability can only help in such situations.

Lots of misinformation

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding Kardashian and Western divorce. Lifestyle Kardashian was reportedly fighting for full custody. It seems that both of them want to divide the custody, but it is proving impossible to get everything out with a hammer. Other rumors suggest that the two are reuniting. Of course they are not. There must be a way for the West and the Kardashians to live as friends and co-guardians. Hopefully the West can find the right attorney to help them get there.

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