Kanye West has reportedly gained 30 after Kim Kardashian filed for divorce

Is Connie West Are you still dealing with her divorce? Last year, a tabloid claimed that the “We Major” rapper gained 30 pounds and counted because Kim Kardashian Leave him. Gossip Cop Looking back at that story to see what has changed.

Canoe’s ‘gut-busting 6,000 calorie’ food

Per Globe, West was eating his feelings. After Kim Kardashian filed for divorce, her friends were worried about turning West into an early grave. Sources said he regularly ate 6,000 calories per meal and was at 310 pounds. One “sesame” said, “She can leave six or seven sausage patties, ten or twelve bacon, four hash browns and still be hungry!” Without Kardashian, the West was floating in the realm of gluttony.

The story failed to catch West’s attention and Kardashian was separated for almost a year before applying for a divorce. Although West is known for liking junk food, there is no evidence that his diet has changed between sudden divorce and divorce. Also, 6,000 calories a lot, even for someone like Dwayne Johnson, leave the West alone. It’s hard to believe that a rapper can fit four Big Macs every day.

How’s Kanye West?

Just a few weeks ago, West’s appearance in March attracted some attention, but not for his weight. The eyes are naturally attracted to the huge boots on her body, but look at the top of her body and you can see that she is clearly not over 310 pounds. The West has had a tiring year since this story was published, but its body looks a lot the same.

How tiring was that year? Well, she’s still fighting divorce with all her might. He has started a social media battle with Kholo Kardashian and has openly talked about attacking Kardashian’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson. West also finds time to release new record, Donda And Donda 2Where her collaboration and relationship with accused rapist Marilyn Manson became a flashpoint.

The West is always in the news, and there is always a camera on it. What does not match his appearance Globe Promise, so Gossip Cop This story debunk was accurate.

History of Connie West

This tabloid was not the final time targeting Kanye West. It later claimed that Kardashian lacked the courage to pursue a divorce. West is not exactly known for his tactics, so he has publicly unloaded a lot of times in Kardashian. He never disclosed this.

Gossip Cop He also debunked his article about attacking Kardashian to flash people in Vatican City. PS: He never said that. If you want to know how the West feels about something, just check out his Instagram for the latest rent.

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