Kate Hudson has shared rare photos of her son with her famous father

Kate Hudson Her Instagram followers gave an inside view of an important event for her family, including a rare photo with her eldest son Ryder, her father, Black Cross Frontman. Chris Robinson.

Hudson celebrates boy’s graduation: ‘Way to go baby!’

Hudson shared pictures of himself and his kids as they celebrated Ryder’s high school graduation. “Today was a big day for our family,” the actress captioned the post. “The day you talk about your kids getting younger and say ‘Hey, one day it will be 2022 and you graduate from high school!’ As if that day could not be found so far away. And then we’re here! “

“@mr.ryderrobinson You are the most incredible young man,” he continued. “Raising you is a great gift and joy in my life. You bring a lot into everyone’s life. You are kind, loving, generous, patient, cheerful and kind. I am very excited for this next chapter. Come on baby! Mom loves you! And !!! To all the parents out there I feel the same thing today! Congratulations! It’s not easy to let your kids fly, but let the kids fly! ”

Ryder’s famous father

In addition to a picture of Ryder, Hudson and her two other children Bingham and Queen, the actress also shared a picture of her ex. The second photo shows Hudson, Robinson and Ryder celebrating their graduation.

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Hudson and Robinson married in 2000, welcoming Ryder just four years later. In 2006, the couple announced their divorce, with Robinson citing “inconsistent differences” in his filing. The pair had joint custody of the riders and they are in good condition, as we can see from the recent graduation shots.

Her relationship with another child with famous parents

With famous parents like Hudson and Robinson, it’s no surprise that Ryder is making his own headlines. The 18-year-old runs her own streetwear fashion line, Oddball Clothing, with two friends. Ryder is also in a high-profile relationship of his own.

He recently posted a few pictures with director and writer Jude Apato and actress Leslie Mann’s girlfriend Iris Apato to celebrate his anniversary. The couple’s famous parents seem to approve; Both moms commented on her post with red heart emoji.

Although Hudson and Robinson left it long ago, it is good to see that the couple still have a friendly relationship and parents can come together on such an important day for their son.

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