Kate Middleton has reportedly barred Meghan Merkel from sitting with the royal family

Is Kate Middleton Conspiracy to keep Prince Harry And Meghan Merkel Far from the rest of the royal family Queen ElizabethPlatinum Jubilee? A tabloid claims that Middleton has banned Sussex from celebrating the alluring balcony of the royal family. Here’s what we know.

Is Kate Middleton ‘banning’ Meghan Merkel?

This week, In contact Kate Middleton reportedly can’t stop Meghan Merkel from attending the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, but sources say she has other ways to keep her brother-in-law at arm’s length. Apparently, when the royal family gathers on the porch of Buckingham Palace to watch the Trooping the Color Parade on June 2, Prince Harry and Megan Merkel will not join them in the words of the future queen.

“They’re not invited,” said a snitch “This will be Meghan’s first time in two years, and Kate is not looking forward to seeing her despite all the bad things she has said publicly about the Meghan family … Kate certainly didn’t want to smile and shake hands with her.”

But Merkel apparently didn’t understand much when she heard the news. “He was devastated and suspected that Kate had a hand in preventing him and Harry from believing that they were the right place next to the rest of the family,” the source said. And sources say Middleton wants to get everything out of the table once Merkel arrives. “Kate wants to talk to Meghan alone to clear the air. But bad blood between them এবং and knowing how Meghan is good at pushing Kate’s buttons সভ the meeting could very well end in disaster,” Tipster concludes.

Is Kate Middleton preparing for ‘Showdown’?

This story is all over the place and we have a lot of red flags to take it seriously. First, the magazine’s so-called “insider” claims that he knows both the personal thoughts and feelings of Meghan Merkel and Kate Middleton. We seriously doubt that such a person even exists, let alone that they would speak with such an anger.

In addition, how exactly does Middleton go about banning Merkel from this hyper-specific event in Jubilee? Sussex has just announced that they will participate. They said during their brief UK tour last month that they were not sure if they would attend. We strongly suspect that Middleton is already making a fuss about seating arrangements.

And finally, we don’t see that kind of authority in Middleton. Given that we are talking about the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, her majesty will ultimately say who will stand with her during the celebration. Although initial reports indicated that only members of the royal family would be on the porch during the event, no one said anything about the ban. And since the Queen still seems to be a fan of Prince Harry despite the drama of the last two years, we seriously suspect that Middleton is calling for hateful shots or that Harry and Megan Merkel will be kicked out of the palace.

Tabloids in Sussex

But this is far from the first time we’ve busted In contact For spreading lies about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Not too long ago, the outlet published a bizarre story claiming that Prince Harry and Megan Merkel had turned their backs on Ellen DeGeneres. The outlet then reported that Harry and Merkel were “desperate for cash” and using the Queen for her money. And most recently, the magazine claimed that Merkel had completely taken over Harry’s life, and that the Duke could not even leave the house without her permission. Obviously, In contact There is really no insight into Sussex’s personal life.

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