Katie Holmes reportedly stopped Tom Cruise’s reunion with Suri, presumably

Is Katie Holmes Refusing to pay Sorry Reunion with Tom Cruise? There are rumors that Holmes has canceled Cruz’s plans for a meet-up. Here’s what the tabloids are saying.

Tom Cruise planning to reunite with Suri?

Earlier this year, New ideas Reported that the tenth anniversary when Tom Cruise was last seen with his daughter, Impossible mission The actor was taking steps to reunite with Suri. However, sources said that Katie Holmes was not thrilled with the idea. “Suri is naturally really curious about her father and is asking Katie to allow him to see her,” explained one tipster. “Saying yes goes against Katie’s every instinct, but the reality is, Suri is old enough to make her own decisions.”

But we seriously suspected that the tabloids had access to this level of information, primarily about the private family. We have no idea when Cruz last saw his daughter – but it’s no secret that Cruz’s belief in the Church of Scientology complicates his relationship with those who reject his teachings. Still, we couldn’t help but read such uncontrollable gossip about a 15-year-old child and his estranged father.

Katie Holmes has stopped planning her birthday?

Then, New ideas It has been reported that Cruz may not be in contact with Suri, but he will not allow his Suite 16 to pass without marking the event. According to outlet sources, Cruise Suri planned to buy the Tesla Model X, valued at at least 90,000. But Holmes apparently had no intention of putting his daughter in the driver’s seat yet. “The car is a beautiful gesture, otherwise the touch is awesome. But the thought of driving to New York at Surrey’s age is a nightmare for Katie, “said Holmes, who was confident before revealing the whole thing.

Of course, this story really felt like a tabloid fantasy. Tom Cruise and Suri, as far as the public knows, have no relationship. Because of his religion, Cruz is known to avoid public traps with anyone who is not a church supporter. So, why in the world would he suddenly decide to buy Suri a huge, controversial 90,000 birthday gift? Such a great gesture would certainly attract attention, so we doubted it was ever on the card.

Katie Holmes prevents Suri from reuniting?

Then Women’s Day Suri was desperate to see her father again. “She was always curious about him,” an insider spread. “Suri thinks it’s not a big deal to be without her father, but it is.” And sources said Cruz actually planned to reunite with Suri, but Holmes stopped short. Apparently, Holmes was uncomfortable with Cruz’s public image, and he just didn’t want his daughter to drown in it.

But once again, the tabloids have refused to comment Why It’s been a long time since Cruz has seen his daughter-and not because Holmes is keeping them apart. According to Holmes and Cruz’s custody agreement, Cruz can legally see Suri at virtually any time. And yet, as far as we can tell, he refuses to have any kind of public relations with her because of her religion. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes.

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