Katie Holmes staring at the first red carpet photo with her new boyfriend

Katie Holmes Floated in a new romance and we love her bright smile on the recent red carpet photo with Beau. Holmes certainly has a lot to celebrate lately and his presence at the Tribeca Film Festival has combined his personal and professional victories. On a night surrounded by many stars, Holmes’s beautiful smile became the brightest of them all.

Katie Holmes marks the first red carpet with Beau

When it comes to her dating life, Katie Holmes is clearly at that early stage of happiness At the professional end, it’s all for the sun and roses Commander-in-Chief As well as actresses. No wonder his smile is practically burning off the screen in his recent films from the Tribeca Film Festival. Holmes made his second management debut, Alone. The film takes place in New York City in the early stages of the epidemic.

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Holmes, a New Yorker, lived in the city at the time, much like the character he played in the film, and was obviously relieved that those rough early days had ended with quarantining there. “It’s very exciting,” said Holmes, returning to the movie Hello! Magazine.

Living in the ‘terrible’ NYC during the epidemic

“It was a scary time, especially when New York City was hit so hard [it’s great] Seeing people outside, ”the actress continued. Being part of the New York City Film Festival was particularly exciting, Holmes added. “Everyone feels prepared for each other and continues to be there. That’s what New York is all about. “

Holmes attended the film festival with her new boyfriend, musician Bobby Uten III. The two unveiled their relationship earlier this month when Holmes brought Otten as his date for The Moth’s 25th anniversary celebrations. Even before that first public outing, cameras captured the Lovebirds on a casual afternoon in New York City, where the two shared a steamy street snug.

Holmes All Smiles with Bobby Utten III

(Thio Wargo / Getty Images for Tribeca Festival)

Speaking to a source E! News, Utten and Holmes first met through mutual friends. “They know some of the same people who were connected to them and so far, it’s working well,” the source explained. “Katie is excited and very happy to see someone. It’s new, but it’s going well. She’s happy to have someone in her life and she’s very kind and nice to her.”

Holmes had previously been with the restaurant’s Emilio Vitolo Jr., but the two ended their romance last May. Earlier, Holmes had dated actor and comedian Jamie Foxx, although they kept their romance hidden for years before finally breaking up. Apparently, Holmes’s most famous relationship was with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, with whom she had been married for six years, and with whom she shared her only child, her daughter Suri.

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(Thio Wargo / Getty Images for Tribeca Festival)

From the way Holmes looks at his new boyfriend, it is clear that he is on the moon for her. Hopefully, their love story will continue to grow and shape itself. We love the huge smile that Otten put on Holmes’s face, and if we say it ourselves, his smile is quite understandable.

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