Katie Holmes talks about surviving the red carpet epidemic with her new boyfriend

Katie Holmes Missing from the movie screen for the last two years, but the actress is ready to come back Alone together, Which he wrote and directed. Holmes recently shared his thoughts on the new movie, as well as how the COVID-19 lockdown affected him.

Holmes discusses Covid-19 lockdown: ‘It was such a scary time’

While walking the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival, Holmes expressed his excitement for returning to film. “It’s very exciting,” he said. “It was a scary time, especially when New York City was hit so hard [it’s great] People look out. “

The actress also took a moment to yell at some of her co-workers in the entertainment industry to share how their work has inspired her as a producer. “The festival is very inspiring to me,” he explained. “I went for some of Hoopy Goldberg’s curated shorts on Sunday, and there was a movie by Kyra Sedgwick.” He continued, “Everyone is constantly ready for each other and to feel there. That’s what New York is all about. ”

His new movie

Holmes’s new movie, Alone together, Also exploring the COVID-19 lockdown, tells the story of June, a food critic who went upstairs to escape the city. A brief description of the movie is read from its website: “When her boyfriend decides to stay in town to take care of his parents, June has a long way to go because she begins to realize that the first two weeks of the epidemic could be a little drag on!”

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June’s breakup from her boyfriend is complicated by another love interest named Charlie. “While eating takeouts under neon symptoms, they think about life goals, relationships, and veganism,” the summary continues. “The film is a delightful and surprisingly nostalgic love story set against the constant background drones of the all-fu-familiar Covid catchphrase in the news.”

Holmes and boyfriend Bobby Otten walk the red carpet together

Holmes was smiling on the red carpet, and while he must have been excited about the release Alone togetherThe presence of his new beauty may have something to do with it.

Bobby Uten III (L) is smiling in a white shirt and black jacket  Katie Holmes (R) is smiling at Utten.  She is wearing a white knitted tank dress
(Thio Wargo / Getty Images for Tribeca Festival)

The actress walked the red carpet with her new boyfriend Bobby Otten III, a Grammy-nominated musician who has worked on Broadway and backed up big artists in Cochlea. The pair first met together in April this year. Holmes and Uten seem to be very happy together, and fans of the actress are glad that she has found love again.

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