Katy Perry Allegedly Banned Ex From American Idol, Every Suspicious Source

Is Katy Perry Which song contestants to choose from American Idol Should I be allowed to sing? A tabloid claims that Perry wants to keep one of his access away from discography shows. Here is what we know about Perry’s alleged artist ban.

‘American Idol’ bans Katy Perry’s ex-boyfriend’s song?

Per National Investigator, Katy Perry never wants to hear John Mayer’s music again Perry and Meyer have been dating for about 3 years before leaving in 2015 and stopped But in the recent episode, his past relationship has been dredged again American Idol. On the show, contestant Noah Thompson sang Mayer’s “Heartbreak Warfare”, leaving Perry disappointed.

“On TV, Katie seemed to be smiling at it, but off camera she wasn’t happy at all,” an insider admitted. “Millions of contestants could sing on the show and they chose John Mayer. Not cool, and it won’t happen again. “The performance was actually part of a game on the show where the judges chose songs for anonymous contestants, and it was Perry’s co-panelist Luke Bryan that chose Mayer’s song.

“Luke just loved the song and never thought about John’s connection to Katie,” Tipster explains. “The last thing the world would want to see is to annoy or embarrass him. Going forward, John Mayer’s music is banned.”

Is ‘American Idol’ really banning John Mayer’s music?

This report is sheer stupidity. First, Perry’s melodramatic reaction was to laughter, and we’re sure he’s not really incapable of listening to his access songs. What the outlet fails to mention is that in the part of the show the contestant has to guess which judge has chosen the part to sing their song. Thompson speculated that Perry chose the song without knowing his history with the musician.

Perry then responded with a humorously painful expression, “I think you should make me Wikipedia,” and he hid under the judges’ table to avoid awkward moments. Everyone on the show was laughing, and there was no real excitement at the moment. So, no, we don’t believe the show is banning Mayer’s music.

More nonsense about Katy Perry

This is far from the first time we’ve caught up National Investigator Spreading misinformation about Katy Perry. In 2018, the outlet claimed American Idol Perry wants Taylor to correct Swift because এবং and it should sound familiar-Perry wanted to ban Swift’s songs from the show. The outlet then reported that Perry’s fianc অ Orlando Bloom was flirting with Selena Gomez.

And the outlet even claimed that Perry and Bloom were only getting married because she was pregnant. But, surprisingly, the article was published a year and a half before Perry gave birth to her daughter, making the story of the outlet impossible. Apparently, the Investigator Perry has no real insight into his personal or professional life.

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