Kelly Clarkson allegedly fighting ‘Custody Nightmare’, latest gossip

Is Kelly ClarksonHer ex-husband is putting her through the ringer? A tabloid claim Brandon Blackstock Child support is demanding more money from Clarkson in the form of payments. Let’s take a closer look at the couple’s “nightmare” custody war.

Did Kelly Clarkson leave The Voice for custody?

Per GlobeKelly Clarkson has left her desired seat behind Voice To keep Brandon Blackstock from exploding as a “bad mother” in their custody hearing. “It simply came to our notice then Voice, But he says there is no way to give Brandon more ammunition to use in court against him! An internal charge. “She felt she needed to make a tough decision to show where her priorities really were!” And sources insist that Blackstock, who is under order to vacate his and Clarkson’s Montana farms by June 1, planned to milk Clarkson for more money.

“[Blackstock] He’s still hoping he can sue Kelly to buy a new place where he can stay and entertain the kids, “Snitch whispered. But Clarkson hopes to avoid the bullet Voice. “Kelly admits she wears a lot of hats for the mother she wants to be,” Tipster explained. “But leaving the show that made him a much bigger star than before sends a clear message that he’s serious about it.”

Is Kelly Clarkson sending a ‘clear message’ about keeping babies?

There is a painful lack of context in this story. There were many reasons for Kelly Clarkson to leave Voice Out of custody of her children. First, from his last tenure VoiceClarkson started co-hosting Great American Song Contest With Snoop Dogg. So, you could say that Clarkson isn’t actually doing less now, but to the same extent. In addition, Clarkson’s day talk show is growing in popularity. Host Ellen DeGeneres is preparing to take the time slot, bringing more exposure to the show. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to focus more on the program.

So, even without taking her kids into it, it is already reason enough to return to other areas of her professional life. But, of course, we’re sure Clarkson wants to make the most of the time he has for his kids. There is no need to be afraid of losing the custody that hangs over her to spend time with her children, and it is offensive to offer.

We should also mention that there is no evidence that Blackstock is making a bid for more money or for the sole custody of its children. He and Clarkson have already agreed that he will take care of their babies early and he will be able to stay with them one weekend a month. We suspect that they are returning to court after hammering out this very agreement. Apparently, the outlet desperately wanted Clarkson to leave Voice It could also be about her dramatic divorce from Blackstock. But, what we can say is that they are not directly related.

Magazine on Kelly Clarkson

We are immediately skeptical of anything Globe Wrote about Clarkson. Last year, the outlet reported that Clarkson was isolating his friends with his “bad habits.” The magazine then claimed that Clarkson was furious at Blackstock for keeping his belongings in his house. And more recently, the publication complained that Clarkson was a “near-breakdown” for her divorce. Apparently, the Globe Wherever Clarkson is concerned it is not reliable.

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