Kelly Clarkson allegedly monitors her ex-husband’s dating life and money

Is Kelly Clarkson stalking Brandon Blackstock? A report says American Idol The winner is tracking her ex-husband’s love life and finances Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Kelly and Brandon’s Twisted Games’

According to Lifestyle, Clarkson is monitoring Blackstock’s every move. Although their divorce was final, he still did not let her go. “She’s been told by her informants what’s going on with Brandon – who she’s dating, what she’s spending – and she’s spying on Kelly,” the source said.

The two are known to be super paranoid about each other. Blackstock recently asked Clarkson through court to turn off security cameras at their Montana farm for the rest of his stay. “Friends think they just need to move on because it’s not good for anyone,” said one insider.

Is Kelly Clarkson ahead?

This story gets the basic information of this story wrong. It’s not “their” Montana Ranch. This is after Kelly Clarkson, because she won it in divorce. Blackstock has been allowed to rent at a premium until May. It is difficult to move forward when an ex is still living in your home.

Unless Blackstock tries a fun business again, this should be the end of this part of the story. It is true that Blackstock asked to turn off the security camera, but the court documents do not say why he asked. This story also fails to mention that each camera in question was on the outside of the property, not on the inside.

Lifestyle This nugget of truth, took the problem of the camera and distorted it into a description of Clarkson desperately chasing Blackstock. What Clarkson wanted to do year after year is now moving forward. After her divorce was finalized, a source said People“Kelly is definitely happy to be divorcing … she’s really able to start the next chapter of her life with her kids, and she’s more busy with her career than ever before. She’s in a great place.”

Gossip Cop Do not doubt for a second. Even by Hollywood standards, it’s been a fairly divorce. It is unreasonable to suggest that Clarkson employs “informants” to track every step of the blackstock. Without any evidence beyond the request of the inconsistent temporary court, it is simply a load.

Clarkson bashing constant

About a year ago this crappy outlet claimed that Clarkson was pushing for a divorce. It was a transparent attack on his body, before that, Lifestyle Clarkson runs a cover story about repenting for a divorce. Obviously, this was not true, or they would not have dragged it to court for another two years.

We also see many stories of Clarkson taking revenge on Blackstock by evicting him from a farm where he was not really allowed to live. It’s amazing why this tabloid will run on the side of Blackstock in all this. As the father of his children, Clarkson will never be completely free from Blackstock. Once June turns around, however, he will leave Montana and this will undoubtedly make it easier.

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