Kelly Clarkson is accused of the latest divorce drama from her ex-husband

Was Kelly Clarkson Insulted by Brandon BlackstockThe latest attack on their controversial divorce? A tabloid claims that the ex-couple’s legal battle is “just getting messy.” Let’s check in to our favorite talk show host.

Kelly Clarkson ‘certified’ by ex-husband?

This week, Our weekly Brandon Blackstock’s latest move in the wake of his divorce from Kelly Clarkson was a minor blow. According to court documents obtained by Tabloid, a judge instructed Clarkson to “turn off all webcams, trail cams and any other security cameras” on their Montana farm where Blackstock currently resides. Of course, Blackstock will have to move out of the house by June 1, after which he will become a 5-percent shareholder of the property. But he is clearly obsessed with peeking into his last days on his ex-wife’s farm.

Sources say Clarkson has absolutely no desire to spy on Blackstock and the public may think he was “felt” by the idea. “He has no interest in testing what he’s doing,” Tipster admits. “The priority for Kelly is moving forward with her life.” But a source close to Blackstock insisted it was not a plot to insult Clarkson and that he “absolutely” felt that he was keeping an eye on him. “There were certain examples that had to do with Brandon dealing with the audience and his privacy.”

How is Kelly Clarkson handling the court verdict?

The point here is: the judgment of this court is valid, but we will not call Of our weekly Insights are exclusive by any means because The Blast shared a copy of the court order while it initially shattered the story about Blackstock’s move. It is true that Blackstock petitioned the court to have Clarkson remove all cameras from the property, but there are some important differences that need to be made here.

First, there is no evidence that Clarkson violated Blackstock’s privacy. None of Blackstock’s legal team has said so publicly, and we strongly suspect that anyone is breaking that promise to speak out. Our weekly. Also, the cameras mentioned were only outside the house, pointing to the outside of the farm. No one is accusing Clarkson of peeking into the blackstock inside the house, although the tabloid has not cleared it.

And finally, readers should keep in mind that Blackstock must be removed from the farm in less than a month. It is entirely possible that he did not want Clarkson’s presence on his last days on the farm. Otherwise, we don’t see why security outside the home would suddenly become a problem for him.

All we know is that Clarkson doesn’t seem to be bothered by legal hiccups. In fact, she recently celebrated receiving a wonderful nine-day Emmy nomination for her talk show. From where we are standing American Idol The winner does not seem to be “shocked” at all.

Tabloids on Kelly Clarkson

Of course, celebrity gossip magazines are eating away at Clarkson and Blackstock’s controversial divorce. It is far from the first time that a tabloid has twisted the details of their split. Earlier this year, The National Investigator Clarkson says he is blowing his 45 million fortune to keep Blackstock out of his hands.

Then Globe Clarkson claims his hard work schedule and bitter divorce battle have broken down. And just last month, Our weekly, The same tabloid we’ve talked about, claims that Clarkson was overwhelmed with stress and was ringing “alarm bells” for his loved ones. Clearly, none of these publications have any idea what really happened to Kelly Clarkson.

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