Kelly Clarkson makes a startling discovery at her Montana ranch

Kelly Clarkson The last few years it has been a rough go. From her difficult divorce Brandon Blackstock It’s finally over, but now his Montana farm is in disrepair. The American Idol The winner has made a startling discovery on his property.

A primer in the ranch

More than any celebrity home, Clarkson’s Montana farm has become a hot button item. While he and Blackstock were in the process of getting a divorce, a judge ordered Blackstock to leave the property. He refused, insisting he owned 50% of it. He stayed on the farm for several months until the divorce was finalized.

In the divorce itself, Clarkson has won again. The judge ordered Blackstock to pay Clarkson মাসে 12,600 a month until June when he would be forced to leave. He still co-owns some properties in Tennessee, but it looks like it’s going to be for sale soon.

Even after the regime came down, Blackstock is still a thorn in Clarkson’s side. He recently submitted documents forcing the removal of security cameras for his remaining stay. Nothing has come easy about this process.

Fall back on earth

Yesterday, Clarkson went on Instagram to show off a startling discovery. “A big black hole was found on my farm,” he wrote. The image looks like a sinkhole.

“I wonder if #OuterRange if I jump in, when and where will I end up? Or who came out of it? Clarkson says. Outer Range is an Amazon Prime series where Josh Brolin discovers a huge hole in the edge of some Wyoming property. Thanks to Clarkson for the timely reference.

Where will he end up?

If Clarkson had jumped into the hole, he would probably have hurt himself. The lower part of a sinkhole is wonderfully composed of what was read in the first palace. Since this photo only appears to contain dirt and stones, this is probably what is waiting for him on the other side.

If Clarkson wants to fix this hole, he has to fill it with some big stones, then small stones, then fill the rest with soil until it reaches the ground level. Alternatively, an Instagram commenter said he could gift it to Blackstock: “This is Brandon’s new home.” Another commenter gave some perfect advice, “Stay back, don’t want to break that ground.” Since Clarkson is leaving VoiceThere will be plenty of time to clean up his farm.

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