Kelly Clarkson opens up about what helped her through her divorce

Divorce is never easy, however Kelly Clarkson Recently shared something that helped her overcome her messy separation from her ex, Brandon Blackstock. Both called for it to be scrapped in 2020, but Clarkson shared that there are plenty of people to lean towards as he goes through divorce.

Clarkson and The Chicks discuss divorce

Time for a new episode Kelly Clarkson showThe singer sat down with The Chicks to discuss their upcoming tour and their 2020 album Gas lighter. The musicians talked about writing personal songs, which led the group to discuss their romantic relationship.

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Clarkson began the conversation by sharing what he got from her divorce: her friends. “We all went through divorce,” he said. “How did each of you find strength? And not just music – I think it’s therapeutic – but, like, your female friendship? I think it really helped me. “

Marty Maguire shared that when she divorced her husband in 1999, she was worried that people would judge her for divorce. “I felt like everyone would judge me because I thought I was getting divorced first,” she shared. That changed when Natalie Maines announced that she too was divorcing.

“I remember when you first came down to the studio in Nashville and said, ‘Friends, I just want to tell you I’m divorced,'” Maguire laughed. “I remember, ‘Well, I’m getting a divorce. Now he’s saying he’s getting a divorce. Now I can’t say I’m getting a divorce.’

Relationships of children

“We were divorce friends,” Maines joked. After divorcing her first husband, Mains married actor Adrian Pasdar. The couple broke up in 2017, and there are many songs Gas lighter Their relationship was inspired by the breakup.

Maguire remarried after her 1999 divorce, and tied the knot with teacher and actor Gareth Maguire. The couple divorced in 2013. Her sister and fellow Chikas members were also part of her romantic heartache. She divorced her country singer husband Charlie Robinson in 2008, but has since fallen in love with husband Martin Streier.

Clarkson’s split from Brandon Blackstock

Clarkson’s divorce from Blackstock has become increasingly chaotic as the two have sought to hammer out custody and financial arrangements. However, the pop star says her friends helped her go through difficult times.

Attendance time Today Shortly after the split, Clarkson said, “I’m talking to friends who have been through a divorce. I don’t know how people go about it without an outlet because it’s the worst thing for everyone involved. “Despite the ups and downs of each singer’s romantic life, Clarkson and The Chicks seem happy now, thanks to the love and support of their friends.

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